March 28

Well, I'm home. I'm all spaced out and tired, trying to adjust to my world again. It was hard to come back, really hard to leave him standing there in the airport. I never thought I could spend that amount of uninterrupted time with someone and feel so totally comfortable. As solitary as I am, I never in 9 days wanted anything other than to be right beside him. It was so amazing! I kept a trip journal so I'm not going to relive the whole thing here, but I'll touch on a few things, VEGAS, amazingly commercial, cheesy and so much fun! We walked down the beach at Newport, saw the sun set at Venice, walked the Pier at Santa Monica...shared meals, watched movies....I was in heaven the whole time.

Evidently it snowed here while I was enjoying the 80 degree days and 75 degree evenings out there-I almost started looking for apartments! That place is so huge though and so much traffic and so much commercialism and consumerism-it's all the things I'm trying to get away from.

I started missing Hannah after about 4 days, called her a few times to say hi. She gets so into being down there though, she kind of forgets who I am. It's all fun fun fun in FLorida. Now she's home and back to the grind. She's having a hard time adjusting and I'm not helping at all with my lousy mood. I have about 10 loads of laundry to do, dishes in the sink, the attic to work on-and all I want to do is sleep. I guess the emotional letdown of going back to work, being away from Michael, is catching up with me. It won't be forever though, I keep telling myself that. We will be together soon and we will have all the time in the world. (for once that doesn't scare me) I get lost all day in fantasies about that happening, about helping him unpack his stuff, about being able to call him and invite him over for dinner-going to sleep beside him anytime I want.....Heaven. I can't even believe how in love I am. It's crazy.

What's also crazy is how incredibly tired I am. I'm out.

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