March 11, 2001

Another weekend slips by us. I want a 4 day work week. There just isn't enough time to get it all done in 2 days!

Jess and I switched rooms this weekend. I now have her cozy little room and access to the attic, which is shaping up to be a nice little space! I think the problem I will have with it this summer and throughout the winter next year is temperature. It gets awfully hot up there during the day, and it hasn't even broken 70 degrees yet. I plan to invest in a couple of good fans for the summer. If nothing else, it will be a nice haven for me on cool nights or rainy days when the sun isn't beating down on the roof. I have put up some off white fabric around the edges of the floored space so you don't see the insulation and the slope of the roof-I bought a futom mattess and a piece of carpet...I just need to get some more light up there and some throw pillows, some incense and some books, and I'm ready to meditate! Just having the white "walls" makes the whole place look a million times better, and helps with the lighting. I'm exited to have a new project. I envision myself up there night after night with my sewing machine, creating new wardrobes(this after I learn to sew a straight seam, of course)for Hannah and myself, making gifts for friends and family, listening to soothing music while I lounge on the futon, propped against huge pillows (that I make, of course)and unwind from a day. That's my vision, anyway. It remains to be seen how well the attic tolerates a 90 degree day.

I love this house! It's been home to me since the first time I saw it. I've never felt this way in a house before-it's been fun for me to invest time and effort into making it work for all of us. I can't imagine what it must be like for people who build a dream house, a house they plan to grow old in. I hope to have that someday.

In five days I'll be getting on a plane to L.A. I am beside myself. My suitcase has been packed for a week already. I wish I could just go to sleep and wake up on Friday. Ugh.

Obviously I'm not feeling inspired today. Not feeling philisophical. Tune in again for less stilted, more creative journaling.....