March 12, 2001

I am now totally convinced that we have a non-functioning, useless health care system. Especially in mental health, where we are supposed to be so progressive. No wonder our suicide rate what it is. Our government has made it impossible to survive in the middle income bracket, especially within any extenuating circumstances. Jesus. I get a job that pays me more than any job I've ever had (that was legal) and I am in much worse shape financially than I was when I was on welfare and had Medicaid! Damn, I could have free rent, food, health care, mental health care, phone and utilities paid if only I made minimum wage or better yet, if I didn't work at all! If I made 18,600 dollars a year, I would qualify for section 8 which would pay my rent. I make 20,800 now, thereby disqualifying me for that program. My rent is 437.00 a month, you do the math. Our governnment sets people up to stay in poverty by making it profitable (in a way) to do so. Big business has forced the cost of living to skyrocket while refusing to raise living wages, making even what is considered to be "decent" pay, go almost nowhere in our economy. It's depressing to me. I got a raise in January, and the increase in my bills (because of my disqualification for my daughter's medical program, and my disqualification form her day care subsidy) ate almost 80% of my income increase. If I wasn't already horribly depressed, that would be enough. I hate this fucking country and the government that runs it. I hate being a slave to consumerism.