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Janet's My Name...


October 29, 2003

Well, I decided to scrap the whole leaves idea and started with a more simplistic design. I'm not particularly pleased with the background cause it makes my eyes go weird. Damn dots! Anyways, it's the best I can do for now without a theme. Haven't really added any pics though, just changed the layout. I am definitely not, and I mean not putting dots in any other pages, so rest assured. I'm sure I'll find a theme sometime later that I may like. When I do, I'll put it up and design a new layout. I have also made a new page where access to all the photo pages could be made. I thought that this was a better idea than just placing them all there on the front page. Also, I didn't have time to update the backgrounds of the other pages yet, will do so a bit later, when I have time, so bare with the weirdness for a while! Well, if there are any thoughts on it, please tell me so!

-Janet ;)
I need a break...

October 28, 2003

I took down the graphic backgroun on the right border cause it looks wrong. I think it probably looks better without it now but I wish there was some way for me to separate the links off from the rest of the page. I don't think I'll be making frames cause there's really no point. I don't really like them. I think I might just change the whole background when I have time. I already have an inkling of what it might be but to make it is another story.

Hopefully, more pics will come soon to this page!! I'm soo looking forward to it! Anyways need to sleep early today, I'm dead tired. Later!

-Janet ;D
Smile! It's contagious!

October 27, 2003

Me slow, I know. It just that there's so much work lately. But!! I've finally added that pic of my friends from PolyU, where I've worked for two summers in a row. I don't have a pic of everybody that worked there with me but once I get my hands on some more, it wouldn't look so bleak anymore.

Also, you may have noticed that I've actually added a blog to the list. I don't think that I will update it as regularly as I should, since there's so much work to do. I will keep it in mind and try to update it once in a while but I will not update it here on this page, so you've just got to check it regularly.

I know the background for the right handed column where the links are, suck. I will fix it...once I have done the graphics for it...but this will take some time...just be patient.

P.S. I know the rhyme sucks, so don't flame me!

Keep on Smiling ;D

If there are any comments about this page please feel free to email me.