• So are you weird?
  • Diffrent?
  • Special?
  • Have a tendancy to see dead people?
  • Well if you awnsered yes to anyone of those questions, then you belong with us. Ok so this is like a 12 step program. Only there's no steps and it doesn't acctually help you be normal. this is a page created for the GEEKS AND FREAKS of this world.

    So you dont like pink huh?
    Well then you change the colors!

    (<--I don't recomend)

    Note: I haven't been sued yet! So I must be doing something right!!

    So your uneasy about facing the world about your weirdness? I'll tell you about myself and you wont look so weird.

    Im Kimberley!!! yes it's spelled with an E before the Y!!!

    ...anyways I am (for some reason i dont know) NOT obsessed with Tim Mcgraw, Kenney Chesney.

    I'm not done yet thought here is some personal stuff about me!!

    Favorite movie:I dont have one yet. Im still thinking!!

    Favorite word:Spork (see "what is a spork")

    Favorite song:She thinks my Tractors Sexy!,My Heart Has a History...(I have others, but not that much time to list them all)

    Favorite year:1993

    Favorite food:Green Eggs and Ham

    Favorite hobbie:Listening to music

    Favorite Backstreet Boy:They are all kinda lame and dumb looking now. There more like Backstreet Girls (But, if you must know,AJ)

    Favorite color: BLUE!!

    Favorite music: Country, pop, R&B, Latin...ect. ( HA, I told you I was weird)

    Favorite cartoon:Come on you've gotta love him!-->


    Im watching you
    HA HA HA
    NO really

    Hey!! YEAH YOU!! come to my message board!!! TALK!!

    Ok so i know what your thinking.....ARE THERE ANY MORE WONDERFUL FREAK SITES OUT TERE? well im in thr prosess of finding them. And when i do i'll put them on my page

    1.this place is VERY strange. It makes a game out of the death of celebriys. I suggest that you go there! it also has dead celebrity jokes! so go NOW!!

    2. So why not come on down to i eat crayons.com? why? I don't know. Your here arn't you? Well then why not go to another weid web site? THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!!!

    the day is not done yet! viset these places on my site!

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    Do you like that star wars type stuff? Then come here!!

    time warp (i wouldn't go here if i were you. or your brain will get messed up!! with odd qoutes! that you CAN'T READ!!)

    Do you like rap? then come here

    Who do you hate?

    What you don't like country??

    What is a spork?

    Oh and did i mention.........

    A Cowboy's song

    The adventures of BLINK and me

    First you might want to go here! why? because it had my day-to-day thoughts and its kinda funny!

    Do you have a complaint about my site?

    Well it's time to go home now and count sheep. but before you go plase read my goodbye letter to you.

    And NOW.......the very last stop!!


    Then your done.

    well parting is such sweet sorrow....Im gonna miss you SO MUCH!!

    Well here's lookin at you kid.

    I may never see you again......so here is my only goodbye....


    You'll find better love

    strong as it ever was ............Please remember me!!!