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Rose's Garden

Welcome to my garden. Here, no matter what time of year it is, it is always spring. The Flowers are in bloom, and the Herbs have come up nice. The weather is that of a nice spring afternoon, there are a few clouds in the sky but the sun is shining bright.

There are different paths to take in the Garden. Down one path you will find the beautiful Flowers. Down another you will find the Herbs that are growing. And mixed in with the flowers and herbs you will find a few Trees growing.

Where there are flowers and herbs and trees growing remember to watch your step, there are also fairys, gnomes, and other wood land creatures. Their homes are in my garden where they watch over the plants and trees.

Every once in awhile you will see a greenhouse standing amist the flowers and herbs. They hold secreats to the plants growing around the garden. In the first greenhouse you will find the Magickls uses of Herbs and Flowers.