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The 6 BPS Societies

Arg! And I was doing so well. I had about three updates in one week, and now it's August already. Oi. Well, here's another update, but I haven't noticed too much traffic on the Messageboard. You guys would be ...unappreciative, would you? Huh? Would ja? Just make my day- okay, I'm done. Frailty, they name is randomness. I love Hamlet. Anyway, I'm writing this before the actual update happens, but I think I'm adding things to Bridgette's writing page and to the Homwork page. Has anyone beside May thought about adding to that? I personally think it's a gem. Achicken gem! Okay! I'm done! (again. Jesus, you'd think I was addicted to not making sense. It's such a commendable addiction too.) Anyway, I hope to see more traffic during the school year, if only at the beginning before the homework loads pile up. Enjoy thy summers; May and I won't be here for a week, so that may be difficult, but we'll hope that you'll manage. Stay strong.

The current Ranting Theme: Men. Direct rants for/ against that or for any other topic here.

There are 6 members of BPS and 2 honorary members. The honmems are Sawah Beckaw and Bwidgette. As hard as it is to believe, Adam Smith is a real member of our society, and he's still alive! Enlightenment philosophers can do some pretty groovy stuff. (You know, eventually my jokes mocking Adam's name will cease, but not until I've had my proper fun.)

Here are the BPS links. I know the scrolling text is stupid; I'll change it eventually. If you guys' browsers don't support image maps you can all burn in bloody hell and go without the links! You'll have to access them at school next year! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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BPS and all names of societies, staff, any other characters, punctuation marks, runes and all else pertaining to BPS is copyright © 2000-2002 to Sarah, May, Laura, Graciela, Amie, and Adam. Any one caught stealing from BPS will persecuted, prosecuted, and tortured by the Mob. Yes, all three. We might even get you excommunicated if we're lucky. Or hacked to death by Huegenots. Don't risk it. Huegenots have a lot of pent up anger. If you have any question, e-mail morgaisa, aka: the morg-meister (thanks to Rene for that one). I really mean it though, because I made some of the backgrounds and pictures on this site, and BPS was a great stress on all of our creativity, so please be considerate and ask me before you take anything from this site.

This site was last updated on Thursday, August 1, 2002.