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We repaint or newly paint interiors, exteriors, residential, and light commercial projects. Our jobs start with protection of your property, detailed preparation of the surface to be painted, and painting with high quality materials that are warrantied by their manufacturers.
We do what you want! That takes good listening skills and that's what we offer. We are not going to oversell you or paint and run. Our jobs are run cleanly and we don't cut corners. For a free estimate, call Mike (206)276-6454.

Our Philosophy:

Starting with a clean surface that can accept paint is paramount. That means that failing, peeling and blistering existing paint needs to be removed before a new coat of paint can be applied. Now you may not know it, but if your house was painting before 1978, paints at that time were made with lead so lead safety is mandatory. Piece of Cake crew members are trained in the Dept. of Labor and Industries ways in protecting against lead contamination. While I'm not trying to scare anyone, because lead in paint isn't bad until it's disturbed and even then it would have to be ingested or inhaled. My point is we take the steps to do the job safely.

Some painters try to sell you on the method that they apply paint. Some say brushing is the best, some swear by spraying, and I've even seen others roll an exterior.
Piece of Cake Painting can do either but we usually brush and roll interiors and spray exteriors. Why? When the surface is properly prepared, priming and spraying 2 coats of a quality paint like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Miller Paint, the job takes less time, costs less to perform and saves you money. If brushing is the "superior" method then why doesn't Boeing brush their airplanes? Why are cars sprayed? The answer is simple: it is the "better" method of applying paint to a fixed surface. The amount of paint is controlled and can be applied evenly.

Some painters sell their clients on brushing only and their job takes longer and they have higher labor costs. They justify the higher cost one way or another! Some hire low wage "students" or summer only workers. These types of painters are not craftsman. The thing is that when you look closely at their work you see brush strokes. When an inexperienced painter brushes the paint on they leave brush strokes. They put the paint on in one direction and drag it off the other direction. They go back and forth not knowing what they are doing or they put on too much paint and it builds up at the starting or ending point. Spraying puts the paint on much more evenly. But overall what I'm telling you that a good spray job and a good brush job are equal, but a bad spray job or a bad brush job can be just as bad!

Where some painters cheat, we don't. Cheaters use the least expensive paint and call priming one coat and one coat of top coat two coats of paint. Other look at their work and see if one coat covers, then they don't put on another coat. Imagine that paint job in 5years? Your job gets 3 coatings, we don't miss spots and the results are fabulous. We spray with as much paint as the job requires. We don't increase our profits by using low grade paint products. And we do it safely and keep the job area clean at the end of the day.

Most of my work comes from referrals, people want us to do their job. When you hire us, you'll be glad you did.

Recently I've run into out of town painters and summer only painters and all I have to say about them is that they probably have happy customers but I've had to come behind both for various reasons. Wouldn't you trust local painter over an out of town business? Aren't they getting enough work in their area? Do they have the same relationship with suppliers in our area and get the customer service that I get and have gotten for nearly 11 years?

Are these the type of painters you want painting your house, your most important asset? Painter Ad. These painters are inexperienced and only paid $9-$10/hr. Are they committed to quality? Do they care how the job turns out?

Make Piece of Cake Painting your preferred Seattle area paint contractor for quality craftsmanship painting.

Right now is the right time to maintain your home's image. Start with improving a floor or a couple of rooms instead of your entire house. It's a good time to make those changes that will improve not only your home's value but your attitude as well. Make Piece of Cake Painting your painter no matter where you live in the Seattle area. We serve all of Seattle, the Eastside, north to Mukilteo, and south to Des Moines.

People ask me when is the best time to paint the exterior of their house and here's why I always say after July 5th...

Cliff Mass (of the UW) Blog
Sunday, June 6, 2010
The First Day of Summer: When Will It Be?
The big question that is on everyone's mind:

When will summer really begin?

There is a stock answer that local meteorologists give for this query: July 12th. And it is usually pretty close to the truth.
First, lets get real. June is often a bad month in Seattle. June gloom. Lots of low clouds. ( The good thing is you can usually get out of it by crossing into eastern Washington.) Memorial Day weekend has never been dependable. I can't count how many times the media has done the same story about the unusually cloudy spring.

There is NO reason to suspect our cold weather is due to the Iceland volcano, the oil spill in the Gulf, or El Nino/La Nino. It does not have any connection with global warming or sunspots.

The July 4th weekend is also a crap shoot. Sometimes very nice, often not. But then something magical happens...it is like someone throws a switch...and by mid July we have the best weather in the U.S. --temps in the 70s, low humidity, sunny skies, not too many bugs--heaven. In fact in July we get less rain than Tucson or Phoenix.

The change in July is really quite extraordinary...one of the most rapid climatological dry-outs in the U.S. Below is a graph of the daily probability of getting a trace of rain or more for.. July is just amazing. During the first few days of the month there is roughly a 30% chance of rain in any day. By the last week..roughly 8%.

Want to get married outdoors or hold a party?...end of July or beginning of August is the driest period of the year. No doubt that is why Seafair is scheduled then.

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