Name: Tinga (Penny Smith)
Played by: Lisa Ann Cabasa
Episodes: The Kidz Aiight; Hit a Sistah Back; Meow; ...And Jesus Brought a Casserole

Tinga escaped from Manticore with Max in 2009. She was one of the one's Zack compromised, when he was recaptured by Manticore. When Eyes Only warned them with a national Cable Hack, she had to leave her son and husband behind.

After she disapeared with no warning, her husband put out a missing person on her. Max happened to see her sister's face on a milk carton and tried to warn them, but she wasn't believed. So Max went to Portland to personaly rescue them, where she met up with Tinga. Tinga had defied Zack's orders to rescue her family.

Max, Tinga, and Zack (who joined the mission, against his better judgement) managed to rescue them. Except Lydecker had already infected Case, her son, with some nanotechnology that would kill him if he didn't get the cure. Lydecker agreed to cure her son, if Tinga would give herself up.

Tinga tearfully agreed, but they were both betrayed by Renfro (Lydecker's boss) and Brin, who tried to pull a hat trick and capture Tinga, Max and Case.

Tinga was killed in a medical expirament. Max was captured by Lydecker when she and Zack tried to rescue her. Case and Charlie were given new identities

Mind Games

Title: Mind Games
Song: Another Brick in the Wall by Class of '99
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