Name: Asha Barlowe
Played by: Ashley Scott
Episodes: Designate This; Bag 'Em; Proof of Purchase; Radar Love; Boo; Gill Girl; Brainiac; Borrowed Time; Hello Goodbye; Dog Day Afternoon

Asha Barlow is a member of the S1W. She is friends with Logan, but he won't tell her who Eyes Only is.

The S1W was blamed for the destruction of Manticore, only the government said that it was a VA hostpital and that a lot of people died.

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Title: Full Circle
Song: Closing Time by Semi-sonic
Created: 07/05/02       updated: 07/15/02
Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. No infringment intended. Dark Angel belongs to James Cameron and Charles Eglee. Song belongs to Semi-sonic. Description: Max and Logan, Alec and Asha, or Max and Alec. The relationship merry-go-round.