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S., HeatherNever Thought
S., MariaIf You Would Only Understand
S., Maria Now I Know the Real You
S., MariaWhy Did You Cheat?
Schmidt, StaceyYou Will Never
Schneider, TanyaIt's All Piled Up
Scott, David P.There Has to be Stronger Words Than I Love You
Scott, LaDonnaMy Best Friend
Selke, A.Poet's Wisdom
Selke, A.May
Selke, A.The Aging
Seymour, DavidChild's Prayer
Sharp, KrystaA Day in the Life of...
Sharp, KrystaOnce a Friend
Sharp, KrystaThat Day
ShirleyOf All the Places
Smith, C. A.Wonder About You
Smith, Robyn C.I Love You
Smith, Robyn C.My Addiction
Spencer, MarieAlways and Forever
Stout, Derek "Taz"Love's White Winged Dove
Sullman, JennyLost Love
Tatter, LynnWhy
Tawater, JoshuaBeauty of Art
Taylor, RobinUntitled
TearsI Wander
Teresa, SerenaNo Reason To Stay
Tilley, SallyA Lost Love
Toms, KeenaHappy Birthday
TraceyNo More Tears
TreyAs Long As We Both Shall Live
Unknown AuthorNew School Prayer
Upton, Haley M.Dreams
Upton, Haley M.Yesterdays Love
Uribe, YolandaFifteen Years Old
Valley, MikeLonliness
Valley, MikeWords
Viola, MichelleAre You Still A Dreamer?
Viola, MichelleFifteen
Viola, MichelleThe Special Gift
Wallace, KarinaWhy?
Wheeler, Cherie A.My Twin Sister
Wood, LindsayThank You
Wyatt, KristaPursuing Amy
Zak, CherylMy Love
ZamZam, SafahLife, I Guess!