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~J~A Beautiful Joyous Life
~J~A Child in the Dark
~J~A Little Girl I Saw Today
~J~Four Reasons I
~J~Lindsey Bland
~J~My Pain Within
~J~Too Much
~J~Why Work?
~J~You Are Everything
~J~You are the Queen
~J~Your Beauty
JayneTrue Friends
JenniferI Once Had A Friend
Jensen, BrigitSwelling
JessicaIs That So Bad?
JessyicaFeeling for You
JessyicaIt's Over
JoanThinking You Cared
JohnEndless Nights
Johnson, TiffanyWandering Love
Jonge, Justine deAngel
Jonge, Justine deThe Mirror of Reality
Jonge, Justine deThe Park
K., RodWho's There?
K., StormslilyForget Me
KatMy Friend Booboo
Kervinen, JuhuJoe And Maria
KonoDeparted Love
KonoExplanation to Ragdoll
KonoFor Muni
KonoIndignant Life
KonoSihaya "My Desert Spring"
KonoThis Love Someone Misplaced
Love, DezaraiMy Release Into Nothing
M., EdFor Monique
M., SarahAre You Aware
Maertens, Jessica A.Goodbye to a Great Guy
Martin, Michael J.Recesses Of Your Head
Migoko, YussufThis Spell I'm Under
Murray, MelindaAttractive
Murray, MelindaBetrayal
Murray, MelindaSisters
Murray, MelindaSolitary
Murray, MelindaThe Song of Life
Nights, CrazyIf It Matters
Nights, CrazySimplicity
NixaadStop Lying
Parisi, RoccoKiss the Wind
Partain, Timothy AllenGirlfriend
Paulson, Athena MarieSparkle
Pendragon, MichaelAutumn Song
Pendragon, MichaelChildren of the Night
Pendragon, MichaelLook on me Love, With Starlit Eyes
Pendragon, MichaelSymphonie Fantastique
Pendragon, MichaelThe Troll Song
Phung, VictoriaThe Lemon Tree
Poet, AngelLove Is...
PortigyPlayers Ball
Price, Jordan L.Have You Ever Dreamed
R., LyndsiMy True Love
Radar, MeghanLooking Back
Randall, LordFrom Paladin
Raynor, ChrisMystic Secrets
Rivera, GabrielI've Missed You
Roden, Stepanie L.I'm Yours
Rogers, TaraUntitled