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Actress, NicWhy Did I Care About Them...
Allison, Janis ElaineFriendship
AnneLost in Lace
AnonymousAlouring Love
AnonymousColorado and Me
AnonymousFallen In Love
AnonymousGuns and Hatred
AnonymousMissing Unknown
AnonymousTrue Friendship
Anonymous PoetHurt
Anonymous PoetWhat Would You Give?
Anonymous PoetEmotions
Anonymous PoetNo One Hears
Anonymous PoetEverytime I Close My Eyes
Atencio, JanelleI Loved You
Averick, MaraFragile
BalthazarWalk On Water
Baronofsky, LizFrantic Mind
Bigelow, CristyMe
Bigelow, CristyReflections
Blake, TerriLifes Lessons
Blake, TerriMy Grandma
Blake, TerriThe Savior Has Came
Blake, TerriUntitled
Bridgewater, Justin MichaelEyes of the World
Bridgewater, Justin MichaelSky
BrokenIn My Heart
Brown, CalebThe Wind Blows Harder
Bruner, RobbyYou are my Treasure
Buck, JenneyThe Whisper
Bush, Emily E.Forgive Me Not
C., HeatherInnocence Lost
Carbone, SarahAre You Like the Rest
Caruso, TwylaMy Empty Heart And I
ChanceLove Is...
Cherish, ReginaHerman
Cherish, ReginaI Know I Do, I Know I Don't
ChrisA Smile
Clopton, StacyEveryone
Dark, Alec K.My Mind
Davis, BenAn Ode to Kim
Death, Pryncess HappyEnglish is for Suckers
Demiter, LizEternity
DeniseSchools Just Aren't The Same
DeniseThe Risk I Took
Destiny, InvisibleI Waited Much Too Long
Donshes, Angela ContinoAnd Still I Dream
Donshes, Angela ContinoListen to my Memories
Donshes, Angela ContinoSegesta
Donshes, Angela ContinoSilent Shadows
DravenLord Have Mercy on Thee
DravenThe Stage Act
Dreams, ButterflyTorn
Durham, Philippa SydneyInnocent Love
F., JoesephLoves Eternal Second
Flany, FatherEven Stage Act
Forever, LovestruckConfusion
Forever, WinonaFlying Against Demons
Forever, WinonaTis' The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
Frank, FrankieUntitled
G., MarrissaNew
G., StephanieFirst Night
G., StephanieI Love You Though
Girl, PixieUnnoticed
Girl, PixieYou
Griffin, Andrew WallaceBill Clinton
Hand, SlowFences
HannahCelebrity Tone
Hansen, KimAlls Fair in Love and War
Hartl, Bret ThomasI Loved
Hayman, JamesThat's It
Herzfeld, LindseyAlways
Howard, ReginaPoetry Is...
Issac, SoniaValentine