Fallen In Love
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Fallen In Love

The feeling thou gives me,
The way thou looks,
My heart has vanished,
For thou has took.
I have fallen,
Fallen in love,
To an angel who seems,
To live only up above.
Every second I breath,
Is a kiss per breath,
Our love has broke,
I wish upon my death.
Romeo and Juliet,
Lives once more,
A scar on my soul,
My heart was tore.
There's a pain in my chest,
Although I've been blessed,
Cause before I faded out,
I knew what love was about.
Sometimes you win,
Sometimes you lose,
All those broken hearts,
And all the unpaid dues.
I see us together again,
As I gaze into the sky,
I know what happened,
Yet I still ask why.


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