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A void deep within,
Black as pitch,
An image reflected.
Consumed with anger and disgust.
I hate you.
Planning carefully,
It will soon be over.
Help me.
A sudden stillness
And then you came.
Pulled from the depths of my despair.
A new hope.
A new-found love.
One that is cherished,
Feet planted firmly
Through thick and thin,
And I will not be changed
But loved for who I am,
Flaws known
And accepted.
Lifted out of darkness
By his glowing smile.
His eyes stare deeply into mine.
They whisper softly, "I need you."
My heart belongs to him
And his to me
For all eternity.
A sweet surrender.
Weeks, months, years.
My reverie fulfilled, I am complete.
A forceful blow to my softened heart.
His end is near.
Oh, familiar sorrow.
Death knocks upon the door,
He answers...
My world stands still.
Blackened, hardened heart,
Dead inside.
I can't go on.
The looming darkness encircles me.

Liz Demiter

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