Colorado and Me
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Colorado and Me

you try to hurt me only with your knife.
you see, it doesn't hurt me as much as you would like.
so why don't you go and let me alone, to go burn someone else.
cause now as you know, i will take your fun, i will laugh as you die,
and as you go to your grave, your parents shall cry!
we do our thing, but as you can see,
it's no good to the world, but to you and me.
now as we start this battle, only time will tell who shall fail.
i grab a gun, and you get a nail.
as war goes on, you will fail.
your weapon is weak, and mine is tough.
now dear friend, as the day wears on, who will win when the battle is done?
who will live, and who will die? i swear to you, it will be mine.
i will own this precious day, and you will be the on who will walk away,
as you walk to your grave.


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