Are You Still A Dreamer?
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Are You Still A Dreamer?

Don't you remember the days when you life was just full of no worries?
I DO...I remember the days I had when I was a child to the dreams I have today,
Some of my dreams won't come true...but my memories of my past will always remain
It was kindergarten, the first day of school, there was no lies, love, spite, hate or rules,
All that you knew, was that you had dreams, dreams of lollipops, candy and lots of ice cream
You were not scared, you never felt fear because when you would turn around you would see that "mommy is hear!"
Now you reach grade number one,
You see that school is so much fun!
All you have to do is go to the playground and run!
Now you reach grade #2
You would chase the boys and they would chase you!
You didn't see love, sex,or lies,
You didn't think guys would try to get between your thighs.
Here you are today, in the3rd grade.
You are with your friends in the elementary school parade.
You still dreamed lollipops, candy and icecream.
And you also started to recognize~boys are real mean!
Ok, the 4th grade, time is moving fast,
And you still don't think the friends you had will someday be in the past.
All you know, is that you have dreams.... of lollipops, candy, and so much icecream!
5th grade is here, and you have your first crush!
But you don't feel passion, pain or lust!
And you don't say, "hmm, is he someone I can trust!?"
6th grade arrives, and you see a new face,
A new face of friends, and the old ones you can replace
But you remember the playground, and your long lost friends.
And then you see the familiar faces and friendship rekindles again!
That year went quick, so here is grade 7!
Can you believe your already11!?
You start to feel jealousy, pain, sadness and lies!
Because friends you had took other friends sides!
8th grade is here, and you make up with your friends!
It doesn't cross you mind that someday we all won't be together at the end!
You still have your dreams of candy and ice cream
Now added with problems, LIES and SCHEMES!!
9th grade you start to hang out at parties with friends!
You have new dreams but not of friendships coming to end!
You dream of driving and dating cute boys!
You dream of sex, lies and let boys treat you like toys!
We reach the 10th grade but we all say, "who cares!?"
We still have 3 years, and that is so not fair!
Then you make bonds with your friends that are forever!
10th grade turned out to finally learn how to cry,
To learn how to love, and to see some friends die...
What happened to dreams of candy and icecream!?
Now it's more like NOTHING is what it SEEMS!!!
11th grade is here, your best friend stole your guy!!!!
You realize you now know fear, love, sex and lies!!
11th grade came and went so fast!
Now fear is kicking in, and soon all you will have is the past!
O.k.~this is's time to say goodbye.
To old friends and new ones and of course you will cry.
You now realize that you lost all of your dreams of candy, and lollipops, and lots of icecream.
You get together with all of your friends and say, "Don't forget, our friendships will never end
But of course you move on, and of course you forget
Of course you experienced sex, lies, love and REGRET.
But a word to the wise is always keep your friends at heart,
Don't ever let ever lasting friendships fade or fall apart.

Michelle Viola

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