An Ode to Kim
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An Ode to Kim

Hope and joy
The innocence in your eyes
An exodus from sadness
With you now lies…
Spirit and hope
Now united together
In a sober minded peace
That will last forever…
Storms of destruction
Risen on seas of despair
Have reached your life
But transcended your care…
Yours is not the night
Or the darkness it brings
You live in the light of day
And all that it brings…
Spreading your joy
As the wind spreads life
You pour out your blessing
To help us defeat our strife…
Be not consumed
By the things of this earth
Live in the gift
Received at your birth…
Take it with you
Where ever you go
Guard it closely
As you learn and grow…
The day shall come soon
To pass on the blessing
To fill someone's life
With what they are missing…
And from that day forward
A fulfillment shall bereached
In a perpetual happiness
That will never be breached…

Ben Davis

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