Alouring Love
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Alouring Love

When seeking love with the alouring thoughts of one that stretches throughtime and placed in a persons soul the prayer of a love untold A beleif of a little childsdream shared with no remorse holding back not even hisdarkest corners lived as a man As the love is revealed and fear sets in her heart who turns to her flesh to test the love that is said Yet she claims that God I believe looking at what has beenshared but testing the soul of wordsuntold If in the spirit we shallmeet should we test our souls wekeep quetioning perhaps an angelscry luring the angel into earthlydeeds with the game she set thesnare looking at the cry of a soulso dear spoken in the flesh to her who wishes to catch the angelof mine That I have shown your fear is clearly seen by the angel of mine for before the game wasplayed I have said in weeks gone by Believe! Love! Pray! Trust not only I he cry's Believe not only I Love not only I for the one that comes first is what I have warned in the days leading to yourdeed but did you heed my cry did you seek him for yourfears no says the angel of mine So the game has been played and a angel has whispered move on for she's not worththe cry now who has truly been played for the angel has not left mysight and the mountain tops stilllook ever so clear My angel whispers thethoughts in my ear And the words still flow from deep within my heart of loving a woman as I spoke as I turn to the sky's I can still look in my angels eyes A whisper comes in my sleep Peace is ahead for you Don't be mad at the gameplayer for even I have to look formy forgiveness for I to played a game not on my angel but on I I wish peace in the gameplayers life... As for I Let me turn to my angels cry Believe! Love! Pray! Thank you God for your wordsand thoughts in my mind!!! Portigy true and blue... Thought you knew!!!


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