August 27, 2001
August 27, 2001
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Wow!!! Been awhile since the last entry, I suppose I should fill you in on a few things. Well I have moved to Leavenworth, Washington, I have been here nearly 7 months and I work at a family owned diner as a cook, and full time maintenance. The 59er diner is a restraunt, dedicated to the 50's. Along with the diner comes 5 cabins, in which I reside in one of them, with my fiance. Things are well with me, work can be a little crazy at time, but I live on a pass, and I am out in the wilderness, which I enjoy immensley. Starting to get the finer aspects of my life worked out, and getting back on track, thr right track. Wooohooo for me =P Sorry for the abandoning of the page, but will make an honest effort to keep up, on all of the submissions, and do some updating, and general maintenance of the site. I will leave you with that, goodnight and God bless!!!

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