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Under review June 2006 (last Revised 2000)

The roads, community right-of-ways, park and beach areas of Spee-Bi-Dah are vital and cherished assets of our community. They exist for the benefit and use in common of all community property owners. The stewardship of these community properties and the respect for the rights of all other community property owners is a responsibility of all property owners, their renters and guests at Spee-Bi-Dah.

The Board of Directors and the Roads and Parks Committee have established the following guidelines for the wise and orderly use of the roads, park and beach areas of our community:


1. Only property owners and their invited guests are allowed on Spee-Bi-Dah park and road properties. Persons in violation must depart.

2. Drive safely in our community at all times. The 10MPH speed limit MUST be adhered to by all motorized vehicles.

3. Vehicle use:

    A. Property owners and their guests are encouraged to leave all vehicles on personal property. Clear access for FIRE and EMERGENCY vehicles MUST be maintained on all roadways.

    B. Park and road property is not to be used for the long term storage of vehicles, trailers and boats (one day limit).

    C. Vehicles such as vans, campers and trailers parked on the roads and park properties for the purpose of living in by the hour or longer is prohibited. Private owners land must be used in such instances.

    D. Vehicles are not allowed to drive or park on park grass areas, except for perimeter parking and boat launching.

    E. Motor bikes and other such vehicles are to be used only to depart and return on community roads. They can pose a hazard when used on the beaches. Their use is therefore restricted to non-recreational riding. Joy riding is annoying to all residents.

    F. Children driving motorized vehicles must be closely supervised by adults, drive at the speed limit and not 'overload', hang out of, or otherwise act dangerously while in the vehicle.

4. Since we pay for and maintain our own community roads, we must be careful not to damage road surfaces. Caution is urged when using heavy vehicles or moving equipment or objects that might damage road surfaces. Please don't drive around speed-bumps damaging grassy areas on either side of the bumps.


5. Excessive noise of any sort should be curbed after 10:00 P.M. and before 8:00 A.M.

6. With regard to swimming, boating, water skiing and personal water craft use, please abide by the following safety rules:

    A. Speeding boats and personal water craft such as jet skis traveling over 5 MPH are not allowed inside moorage areas and along community beach areas.

    B. Water skiing is prohibited inside moorage areas and along beaches in front of Spee-Bi-Dah. This includes starting and returning. The beach north of the cove is suggested for this activity.

    C. Personal water craft such as jet skis shall adhere to the same rules as boats. There shall be no speeding or horseplay allowed within the moorage area.

7. The boat ramp is for community use. Therefore please do not block the entrance with vehicles or trailers. Boats left beached or anchored should be kept clear of the launch zone.

8. Use caution and safety when building beach fires. The law requires that a 10 foot radius be maintained around a fire. NO FIRES are to be built within 15 feet of the bulkheads. Fires are to be thoroughly put out with water, not sand. Use of the two established fire pits is strongly encouraged, rather than open beach fires.

9. Large logs and brush along the banks and beach areas protect our lands from winter storm damage and erosion. No cutting please.

10. Garbage containers in the park areas are for BEACH LITTER ONLY. PLEASE do not use as a personal refuse container. Litter on the beach is both unsightly and dangerous. Let's all do our part to keep our park and beach clean.


11. A. The control of trees and brush areas on roads and park properties is the responsibility of the Roads and Parks Committee. Individuals wishing action in this area should make their request to the Roads and Parks committee in writing.

    B. Trees and brush should not be allowed to become a hazard nor should they be allowed to obstruct views.


12. For the benefit of all community residents, the following recommendations are strongly suggested to residents possessing dogs or other pets:

    A. Owners are responsible for their own pets.

    B. Limit the number of pets to that which is easily maintained and controlled.

    C. Pets should be kept under control and not allowed to roam roads, parks, beach areas, and private property.

    D. Noise control for your pet is urged especially during night and morning hours.

    E. Pet owners are urged to keep pets at home during the 4th of July celebration.

    F. It is not polite to house or feed other people's pets, unless asked to do so.


13. By vote of the Community Association membership, the use of fireworks shall be limited to the 4TH of JULY ONLY. Personal use of fireworks is discouraged. Their use is a recognized safety and fire hazard. If you choose to disregard this risk, please restrict fireworks to beach areas and away from driftwood. Clean up your own litter. Respect your neighbors' property and Community beach and parks property.


14. Private parties or gatherings in excess of 15 persons on community park or beach property shall coordinate the use with the community club in advance. It is required that a property owner or authorized lessee be present and take responsibility for the gathering and cleanup following the event. The community club may require a deposit which is refundable after the gathering and upon completion of cleanup to the satisfaction of the community club.

Renting or leasing your Property

Property Owners who rent property or homes in Spee-Bi-Dah shall present a copy of the Spee-Bi-Dah Guidelines to their lessee at the time of rental and return this acknowledgement to the Spee-Bi-Dah Community Club:

I acknowledge receipt of a copy of the Spee-Bi-Dah Community Guidelines. As a condition of my lease, I agree to abide by the Community Guidelines and have received a copy for my records.


Signature: _____________________________

Print Name: ____________________________

Phone: _______________________________

Date: ________________________________


Address of Rental: ______________________

Print Name: ___________________________

Phone: ______________________________

Date: _______________________________

Please mail to Spee-Bi-Dah Secretary.

Questions or suggestions may be sent via-


or phone a Board Member.