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Roster Coaches

2004 Roster

# Player Postition
4 Borque, Candy RB/DB
5 Tragesser, Michelle WR/DB
9 Shimoda, Teri QB/DB
10 Volk, Michel QB/LB
12 Baker, Cissy RB/LB
13 Gallemore, Heather RB/LB
17 Campola, Andreana RB/LB
22 Gore, Rachel RB/DB
24 Armstrong, Rachel WR/QB/DB
31 Glover, Heather WR/DB
37 Louden, Mugs RB/DB
42 Naivli, Candy WR/DB
45 Pitman, Gail RB/LB
53 Weiss, Pam OL/DL
55 Stemple, Sherrie OL/DL
56 Mendenhall, Missy OL/DL
58 Floyd, Sarah OL/DL
68 Sesepesara, Ese OL/DL
69 Chadwick, Debi OL/DL
74 Tuala, Mua OL/DL
75 Olsen, Karena OL/DL
76 Franklin, Wayna OL/DL
77 English, Taj OL/LB
79 Krushensky, Rae OL/DL
80 Watson, Christina WR/DB
88 Crow, Kim TE/DL
99 Pietras, Gretchen TE/DL
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Coaching Staff Title
Kris Olsen Head Coach
Wayne Olsen Assistant Coach
Bob Landry Assistant Coach
Mac McGowen Assistant Coach
Lester Hersh Assistant Coach
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