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Hermine Meinhard

We are proud to present poet Hermine

Meinhard, educator and poetry editor,

with three poems from her latest work,

Bright Turquoise Umbrella.


"Meinhard's receptive devotion to dreams and folktales of earth, sky, animals and insects
places her among the most gifted portraitists of our time."

~ Andrew Levy, poet and editor of the arts journal, Crayon

"Many of these poems have a fairy tale, parable-like quality, perfect for documenting
the subliminal nature of the child’s consciousness and the consequent subjectivity of time."

~ Margo Stever, Rain Taxi Review of Books

"In these lucid dreams of revelation, Hermine Meinhard takes as her starting point
the most mysterious territory of the soul."

~ Brooks Haxton, poet and translator

"It is ... rare to hear a voice as poignant and strikingly unified as this narrator’s,
who observes with an otherworldly, often unsettling innocence, exploring territory
left untouched or overwrought by others."

~ Laura Sims, Jacket

"[Hermine Meinhard's poems] are delicate necklaces of gestures, imaginative spaces
where bodies and fables get grafted onto and grow into each other."

~ Elaine Equi, poet and educator

Read an interview with the poet ~

Hermine Meinhard, organic practitioner of duende
(10 pages)

Read 3 selections of POETRY by Hermine Meinhard


A B O U T    H E R M I N E    M E I N H A R D

THE WINNER of the Sue Saniel Elkind Poetry Award, Hermine Meinhard teaches at New York University and the New York Writers Workshop at the Jewish Community Center Manhattan. She is one of the poetry editors for 3rd Bed and has published her work widely, in such journals as Kalliope, The Prose Poem, Luna, Barrow Street, So To Speak and Willow Springs. She was also a finalist in the Poetry Society of America 2004's Robert H. Winner Memorial Award and has had her work nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Meinhard has enjoyed fellowships at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Ragdale Foundation and the Blue Mountain Center.

Meinhard grew up as a precocious child and lover of fairy tales in New Jersey. She studied English at Douglass College, where she encountered the stream of consciousness writers who would later inform her work. After college, she traveled to and lived briefly in Majorca, Italy, Switzerland and the French Alps before returning to the East Coast. In 1991, she was graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with an M.F.A. in poetry.

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