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We are pleased to present the results of MARGIN's second annual magical realism poll. Click on the questions to find the various responses to them. The staff thanks the poll's participants for their candidness, generosity and enthusiasm. We hope they'll join us again for the 2005 poll! Thanks to everyone for supporting literary pursuits on the web! —The Staff, MARGIN


1. Do you have a favorite MR book or story? Tell us about it.

2. Do you have a favorite MR film, stage performance or television program? Tell us about it.

3. Do you think people in general know what literary magical realism is?

4. If you were to look for a magical realist book at a bookstore or library (or a magical realist film at a movie rental store), in what section would you look?

5. Do you think it would be useful to have a magical realism shelf at your local bookstore, library, and/or movie rental store?

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