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State Route 202

When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in 1964, SR 202 started at Jct SR 522 in Woodinville and headed NE to Jct US 2 at Monroe. SR 202 had been PSH 15 Bothell-Monroe Branch. The Stevens Pass Highway portion of had the official but for several years unposted designation PSH 15. Part of the SR 202 route, including the bridge across the Snohomish River, did not open until late 1964. In January 1964, SR 522 began in Seattle and headed around the north end of Lake Washington via Bothell to Jct SR 202 at Woodinville, then south to Redmond, then SE via Fall City and Snoqualmie to Jct US 10 at Monroe. All of the 1964 route of SR 522 followed PSH 2 Bothell Branch. US 10, now I-90, was the PSH trunk.

In 1970, SR 202 and SR 522 swapped routes east of Woodinville. SR 522 now starts in Seattle and continues via Bothell and Woodinville to Monroe. SR 202 starts in Woodinville and goes via Redmond to North Bend. SR 202 is now 30.22 miles long.

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