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State Route 168

The Naches Pass Highway has been designated as part of the state highway system since 1943, although the state has not yet built this proposed highway. Before 1964, this route was the Naches Pass Highway branch of PSH 5. The SR 168 number was assigned to this proposed route in 1964.

As proposed, SR 168 would begin at Jct SR 410 near Greenwater and head upstream along the Greenwater River toward Naches Pass. Instead of crossing over the pass, the highway would go thru a 2 mile long tunnel near the pass. East of the tunnel, SR 167 would descend along the Little Naches River and rejoin SR 410 a few miles NW of Clifdell. Because of the tunnel, the Naches Pass Highway would be open year round instead of being closed in winter like SR 410 over Chinook Pass. SR 168, unlike SR 410 through Mount Rainier National Park, wold be open to commercial trucks, although flammable and explosive cargo would probably be prohibited in the tunnel. There are no plans at the present time to actually start construction on SR 168, but the issue comes up before the state legislature from time to time. National Forest Service Routes 70 and 19 extend from SR 410 at either end of proposed SR 168 much of the way toward Naches Pass.

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