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Primary State Highway 5-National Park Highway

PSH 5 (Trunk)

PSH 5 originally began in Renton at Jct PSH 2 and headed south to Kent and Auburn. When PSH 2 was moved to Empire Way between SE Seattle and Renton in the 1930s, PSH 5 was extended north via Rainier Ave to Jct PSH 2 near Sicks Seattle Stadium. From Auburn, PSH 5 headed SE to Enumclaw, then easterly to Greenwater. From Greenwater, PSH 5 headed south into Mt. Rainier National Park. At Cayuse Pass, PSH 5 turned to the east and crossed the Cascade crest at Chinook Pass, leaving the national park. PSH 5 headed downhill from Chinook Pass along the American River and the Bumping River to the vicinity of the junction of the Bumping and Little Naches Rivers. At this junction, the Naches River begins. From this area, PSH 5 followed the Naches River via the town of Nached to Yakima. PSH 5 ended in Yakima at Jct PSH 3. Today, PSH 5 from Seattle to Renton is no longer a state highway; from Renton to Auburn, SR 167; from Auburn to Enumclaw, SR 164; from Enumclaw to the Naches area, SR 410; from Naches to Yakima, US 12.

PSH 5 WP (White Pass Highway)

PSH 5 WP started at Jct PSH 5 near Naches and headed west via White Pass to Jct PSH 1 at Marys Corner. When PSH 1 was moved to the present route of I-5 in the 1950s, PSH 5 WP was extended west to what is now I-5 Exit 68. Between Glenoma and Mossyrock, PSH 5 originally passed thru Kosmos and Riffe. These two communities were inundated by Riffe Lake after Mossyrock Dam was completed in the mid 1960s. PSH 5 WP, signed as SR 14 in 1964 and renumbered US 12 in 1967, was rerouted from Glenoma via Morton to Mossyrock. Today, former PSH 5 WP is still part of US 12.

PSH 5 TR (Tacoma-Mount Rainier Branch)

PSH 5 TR started at Jct PSH 1 in Tacoma and headed south via Parkland, Spannaway, LaGrande, and Alder to Elbe, then east to the SW entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, where PSH 5 TR ended. Today, PSH 5 TR from Tacoma to Elbe is SR 7, from Elbe to the National Park, SR 706.

PSH 5 EK (Elbe-Kosmos Branch)

PSH 5 EK started at Jct PSH 5 TR at Elbe and headed south to Morton, then east to Jct PSH 5 WP near Kosmos. After PSH 5 from Mossyrock to Kosmos was covered by Riffe Lake, PSH 5 EK's southern terminus was moved to Morton, and PSH 5 WP moved to the former PSH 5 EK from Morton to the Kosmos area. Today, PSH 5 EK from Elbe to Morton is part of SR 7. The Morton to Kosmos area highway is now part of US 12.

PSH 5 EF (Enumclaw-Fairfax Branch)

PSH 5 EF started at Jct PSH 5 in Enumclaw and headed south via Buckley, Wilkeson, and Carbonado to the Mowich lake entrance to Mount Rainier National Park, where PSH 5 EF ended. Today, PSH 5 EF from Enumclaw to Buckley is SR 410, the remainder, SR 165. The first 7 miles or so of SR 165 heading north from the park is the only remaining section of unpaved state highway in Washington State.

PSH 5 AT (Auburn-Tacoma Branch)

PSH 5 AT ran from Jct PSH 1 in Tacoma via Puyallup and Sumner to Jct PSH 5 in Auburn. The original route of US 410 from Tacoma to Auburn followed all of PSH 5 AT and then headed SE to Enumclaw. In the 1950s, US 410 was rerouted from Sumner via Buckley to Enumclaw. Today, PSH 5 AT from Tacoma to Auburn is part of SR 167.

PSH 5 CP (Cayuse Pass Branch)

PSH 5 CP started at Jct PSH 5 WP a few miles NE of Packwood and headed north into the SE quarter of Mount Rainier National Park. Inside the park, PSH 5 CP continued north to Jct PSH 5 at Cayuse Pass. When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in 1964, PSH 5 CP was signed as SR 143 since it branched off from PSH 5 WP, which had been renumbered SR 14. When US 12 entered Washington State in 1967 and was routed across the White Pass Highway, SR 143 was renumbered SR 123, which it is still numbered today.

PSH 5 SB (Sumner-Buckley Branch)

PSH 5 SB ran from Jct PSH 5 AT in Sumner via Bonney Lake to Jct PSH 5 EF in Buckley. In the 1950s, PSH 5 SB was signed as part of US 410. Whwn US 12 was extended into Washington State in 1967, PSH 5 SB became SR 410,which it still is today.

PSH 5 ER (Enumclaw-Renton Branch)

PSH 5 ER was built later than the PSH 5 trunk between Renton and Enumclaw. From Enumclaw, PSH 5 ER headed north to Black Diamond, crossing the Green River on a 1932 bridge. From Black Diamond PSH 5 ER continued north to Maple Valley, then followed the Cedar River, gradually curving to the west. At Renton, PSH 5 ER terminated at Jct PSH 2, later redesignated as PSH 2 RE. Today, PSH 5 ER is SR 169.

PSH 5 (branch-Naches Pass Highway)

PSH 5 Naches Pass Highway has been designated as a state highway by the revised code of Washington since the 1940s, although, so far, the highway has not been built. The Naches Pass Highway would begin at Jct PSH 5 near Greenwater, cross the Cascade crest at or near Naches Pass, and rejoin PSH 5 a few miles NW of Cliffdell. A consultants study in the late 1950s suggested a 9000 ft long tunnel at the summit. Renumbered SR 168 in 1964, construction of this route is not actively being pursued by WSDOT. Perhaps if traffic gets too bad on I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass, the Naches Pass Highway will be built someday.

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