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State Route 163

Two different routes have been designated SR 163 at different times.

Earlier SR 163

When the current state highway numbering system was first posted in January 1964, SR 163 started at Jct US 410 in Sumner and headed north via the East Valley Highway to Jct SR 167 in Auburn. In 1964 the Valley Freeway had not yet been built. The highway now designated SR 164 had been the southern portion of SR 167 from 1964 until 1969. The SR 167 designation replaced the SR 163 designation from Sumner to Auburn and the SR 163 designation was dropped from the state highway system in 1969.

Before 1964, SR 163 from Sumner to Auburn had been part of the Auburn-Tacoma branch of PSH 5.

Later SR 163

Effective April 1, 1992, a different SR 163 was added to the state highway system. The new SR 163 begins at Jct SR 16 in Tacoma and heads north to the Point Defiance ferry terminal. The ferry route from Point Defiance to Talequah on the south end of Vashon Island was explicitly designated as part of SR 163 in 1994. Today, SR 163, minus the ferry route, is 3.37 miles long.

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