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State Route 17

When first posted in 1964, SR 17 started at Jct US 395 near Eltopia and headed north to Jct US 97 east of the mouth of the Okanogan River a few miles east of Brewster. US 395 headed ENE from Eltopia, then north to Connell. In 1979, US 395 was rerouted north from Eltopia to Mesa, eliminating approximately 8 miles of SR 17. 395 then headed ENE to Connell on a new roadway. Today, SR 17 is 136.67 miles long.

Before 1964, the Eltopia to Soap Lake prtion of SR 17 was SSH 11G, from Soap Lake to US 2 near Coulee City a branch of PSH 7, and from US 2 to US 97 the Brewster to Coulee City branch of PSH 10.

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