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Primary State Highway 7-North Central Highway

PSH 7 (Trunk)

PSH 7 started at Jct PSH 3 in Ellensburg. From Ellensburg, PSH 7 headed east, crossing the Columbia River at Vantage. East of the Columbia, PSH 7 headed NE to George, then north to Quincy. At Quincy, PSH 10 began at Jct PSH 7 and headed NW to Wenatchee. PSH 7 went east from Quincy via Ephrata, Soap Lake, Odessa, and Harrington to Davenport. PSH 7 ended in Davenport at Jct PSH 2. Today, PSH 7 is I-90 from Ellensburg to George, SR 281 from George to Quincy, and SR 28 from Quincy to Davenport.

PSH 7 (branch)

A PSH 7 branch extended north from Jct PSH 7 at Soap Lake to Jct PSH 2 near Coulee City. Today, this branch of PSH 7 is part of SR 17.

PSH 7 (branch)

A PSH 7 branch started at Jct PSH 18 at Murphy's Corner and headed NE to Jct PSH 7 at Naylor. This branch was built in the 1950s to provide a shortcut between Ephrata and points west along PSH 18 (US 10, later I-90). Today, this branch of PSH 7 is SR 283.

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