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Primary State Highway 12-Ocean Beach Highway

PSH 12 (Trunk)

PSH 12 began at Jct PSH 1 in Chehalis and headed west via Pe Ell to Jct PSH 13 in Raymond. At Raymond, PSH 12 turned to the south and went thru South Bend on the way to Jct PSH 12 JM at Johnsons Landing. From Johnsons Landing, PSH 12 headed east via Cathlamet to Jct PSH 12 LB in Longview. From Longview, PSH 12 continued east, crossing the Cowlitz River and ending at Jct PSH 1 in Kelso. Since 1964, PSH 12 from Chehalis to Raymond has been signed as SR 6. From Raymond to Johnsons Landing, PSH 12 has been signed as US 101 since 1926. The Johnsons Landing to Kelso portion of PSH 12 was signed as US 830 from 1926 to 1968. Since 1968, this portion of PSH 12 has been signed as SR 4.

PSH 12JM (Johnsons Landing-Megler branch)

PSH 12 JM Started at Jct PSH 12 at Johnsons Landing, headed SW to Seaview, then S to Ilwaco, then SE to Megler. A ferry crossed the Columbia River from Megler, Washington to Astoria, Oregon. In 1966, a bridge was completed from Point Ellice, about a mile west of Megler, to Astoria. The section of PSH 11JM from Point Ellice to Megler was redesignated as SSH 12B. Since 1926, PSH 12 JM has been signed as US 101. SSH 12B has been signed as SR 401 since January 1964.

PSH 12 (Skinville Cutoff)

PSH 12 Skinville Cutoff starts a couple of miles east of Seaview at Jct PSH 12JM and heads south for approximately 0.6 miles, ending at Jct PSH 12JM about 2 miles east of Ilwaco. This route provides a shortcut for traffic travelling between Astoria and Aberdeen, bypassing Seaview and Ilwaco. Signed as Alt US 101 since at least 1937, this route does not appear in the US highway log published by AASHTO.

PSH 12 LB (Longview branch)

PSH 12LB started at Jct PSH 12 in Longview and headed SE to Jct PSH 1 at the Longview Wye. In 1964, PSH 12LB became signed as SR 832. When US 830 from Johnsons Landing to Kelso was reposted as SR 4 in 1968, SR 832 became SR 432,the number still used today. The name Longview Wye referred to the intresection that today is the interchange at I-5 Exit 36.

PSH 12 (unnamed branch)

An unnamed branch of PSH 12 was added to the state highway system in 1963. This branch started at Jct PSH 12 just east of the Cowlitz River Bridge in Kelso and headed NE, ending at Jct PSH 1 on the north side of Kelso. This branch of PSH 12 was signed as SR 831 in January 1964. SR 831 became SR 431 in 1968 after US 830 in Kelso became SR 4. On April 1, 1992, SR 431 was dropped from the state highway system.

PSH 12 (unnamed branch)

Another unnamed branch of PSH 12 started at Jct PSH 12LB in Longview and headed south to the Columbia River bridge between Longview, Washington and Rainier, Oregon. The bridge itself had been originally owned by a private company and operated as a toll bridge. The State of Washington purchased the bridge in 1947, financing the purchase with bonds. When the bonds were paid off and the tolls removed in 1965, PSH 12 was extended onto the bridge to the state line. In January 1964, this branch of PSH 12 was signed as SR 833. In 1968, SR 833 was changed to SR 433, the number still used today.

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