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US 830 (decommissioned)

US 830 was part of the original US Highway system of 1926. US 830 started at Jct US 101 at Johnsons Landing in Pacific County and headed east via Cathlamet and Longview to Jct US 99, later I-5, in Kelso. At Kelso, US 830 joined US 99 (I-5) and headed south to Vancouver. At Vancouver US 830 left US 99 (I-5) and headed east via Camas, Washougal, Stevenson, and Bingen to Lyle. The original route of US 830 headed uphill away from the Columbia River from Lyle via Centerville to Jct US 97 between Maryhill and Goldendale. During the 1930s, the highway from Lyle to US 97 was rerouted mostly along the Columbia to Maryhill, making Maryhill the eastern terminus of US 830. In the 1950s, US 197 was added to the US highway system. The Washington State portion of US 197 headed north from the Oregon state line to Smithville, about 8 miles east of Lyle. At Smithville, US 197 joined US 830 and headed east to Jct US 97.

US 830 was dropped from the US highway system in 1968. Former US 830 from US 101 to I-5 at Kelso is now SR 4. I-5 has replaced both the US 99 and US 830 designations from Kelso to Vancouver. East of I-5 to US 97, former US 830 is now SR 14. The Smithville to Maryhill portion of SR 14 is still also part of US 197 according to AASHTO but was only posted as SR 14 by WSDOT as of September 2002.

The original state highway designations for US 830, in state law until 1970 but unposted since 1926, were PSH 12 from Johnsons Landing to Kelso, PSH 1 from Kelso to Vancouver, and PSH 8 from Vancouver to Maryhill.

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