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Patrick Henry Cardwell



Born: 1840/41 James City County, VA

Father: Martin Cardwell

Mother: Mary (?)

Enlisted in Confederate Army at Williamsburg, VA on May 20, 1861, 1st Regiment, Virginia Artillery, Later listed as a private in the Richmond Howitzers.

July 1863 was at Gettysburg, PA, Company “D”, 1st Regiment, Virginia Artillery Captured by Union forces on July 3d or 4th while part of a Quarter Master wagon train, Sent to Ft. McHenry MD.

February 17, 1864 at Point Lookout MD, Patrick took the oath and enrolled in the US Army, First U.S. Volunteer Infantry.

Patrick married his first wife, Elizabeth, when these “Galvanized Yankees” went to Norfolk from Maryland to get ready for being shipped out to the Northwest Territory – Ft. Rice, Dakota. Elizabeth then accompanied the unit as his wife. Patrick Henry Cardwell served as a Private, in company “E”, 1st Regiment, US Volunteer Infantry.

Elizabeth and their newborn child died in July 1864 at Ft. Rice.

Patrick was discharged in 1865 from Fort Leavenworth Kansas, he then returned to his home in Virginia.

He married Recelia Alice Chandler (my Great-grandmother) on June 21, 1866 in York County Virginia. They are listed on the 1870 census as living in York County. My grandfather, Franklin Henry Cardwell was the youngest of their five children (who lived to be adults). Sometime around the turn of the century, Recelia left her husband and moved in with one of her daughters in Newport News, Virginia.

Patrick Henry Cardwell died on April 19, 1908 at a farm in Toano, (James City County), Virginia. I have not been able to locate his burial site, although I have identified the grave of his wife, Recelia, in Newport News, Virginia. Could it be that there was still such a stigma from being a Galvanized Yankee that the family did not allow him to be buried beside his wife?

Below is a copy of Patrick’s Pension File

Filed on April 17, 1890

Again on September 25, 1908