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Company "H"

1st U.S. Volunteer Infantry

Andrew Jackson Burch


Was born on October 22, 1822 in Caswell County, North Carolina.

Andrew left his wife, Mary, and four small children to join the Confederate Army and enlisted with the 3rd Regiment N.C. Cavalry, Co. A (41st N.C. Troops)- June 27, 1863 at almost 42 years of age.

(Battles he participated in are listed below)

Captured near Hanover Court House, VA. on May 31, 1864, he was confined at Point Lookout Prison in Maryland.

He took the Oath of Allegiance to the Union Army on June 27, 1864 and mustered into Company H, 1st Regiment U.S. Volunteer Infantry at Norfolk, Virginia on July 22, 1864.

His regiment served at Fort Rice in Dakota Territory, and during his service there He engaged in battle with Sitting Bull and his war party.

He mustered out of service with his company on November 27, 1866.

He returned to his home and fathered six more children.

Andrew defied death many times on the battlefield, in prison and on the western frontier.

He died of natural causes on May 8, 1910 at the age of 87.




41st N.C. TROOPS

(“The Rebel Rangers” “Newkirk’s Coast Guard”)


The 41st N.C. Troops were organized September 3, 1862 by the consolidation of several independent cavalry companies. These companies were already in Confederate States service and were operating in various locations as independent cavalry companies from the Cape Fear River in North Carolina to the Blackwater River in Virginia. The entire regiment was not consolidated until April 1863. Originally know as the “Rebel Rangers” Company A was enlisted at Scott’s Hill, New Hanover County for 12 months service beginning October 1, 1861 to guard the coast line of New Hanover County, the unit became known as “Newkirk’s Coast Guard,” named after it’s first captain. The company was mustered into Confederate service on October 18, 1861 and remained in New Hanover County. On March 13, 1862, the period of enlistment was automatically extended from 12 months to 3 years or the length of the war. Throughout this period, the company remained at Camp Heath at Scott’s Hill, performing the duties of scouts and patrols. On September3, 1862 the company was assigned to the 41st Regiment N.C. Troops (3rd Regiment N.C. Cavalry) and became company A of that regiment. The company attached to General James B. Gordon’s Brigade, General W.H.G. Lee’s Division, Cavalry Corps, Major-General J.E.B. Stuart, commanding. When the regiment joined this command in the field on May 26, 1863, General Gordon was wounded and command of his brigade was given to General Barringer. The brigade then became known as Barringer’s Brigade and served as such until the end of the war.




Coastal patrol duty in New Hanover County, NC. - October 1861-April 1863.

Capture of Gunboat USS Ellis - New River, NC. November 24, 1862

Suffolk, VA Campaign - April 11-May 20, 1863

Joined regiment in Virginia April 21, 1863

Burning of Dillard’s Wharf - James River, VA. May 20, 1863

Old Church and Pamunkey River - July 1, 1863

South Anna Bridge - July 4, 1863

Expedition to Matthias Point - July 12-16, 1863

Blackwater River Line - July 27-October 1863

Picket duty near Kinston, NC. - October 24, 1863-February 1864

Attack on New Bern, NC. - February 1-2, 1864

Brice’s Creek, NC. - February 12, 1864

Guard duty at Kenansville, NC. (Co. A only) March 27-May 3, 1864

Advance on New Bern - May 3-8, 1864

Block House near New Bern - May 3, 1864

Petersburg, VA. - May 14-15, 1864

Drewry’s Bluff, VA. - May 14-15, 1864

Joined Gordon’s Brigade near Hanover Court House - May 26, 1864

Hanover Town Road - May 27, 1864

Haw’s Shop - May 28, 1864



(This is the battle in which Andrew Jackson Burch was captured)

After his capture, his regiment engaged in the following battles:

Near Ashland - May 31, 1864

Near Meadow Bridge - June 3, 1864

White Oak Swamp - June 11, 1864

Near Malvern Hill and Harrison’s Landing - June 15-16, 1864

Davis Farm - June 21, 1864

Picket duty on Petersburg and Weldon Railroad - June 21-July 30, 1864

Charles City Road - August 14, 1864

White’s Tavern - August 15, 1864

White Oak Swamp - August 16, 1864

Yellow House - August 21, 1864

Ream’s Station - August 25, 1864

Hampton’s Beefsteak Raid - September 20-October 4, 1864

Picket Duty on Stony Creek Line - September 20-October 4, 1864

Boydton Plank Road - October 28, 1864

Belfield - December 8, 1864

Chamberlain Run and Five Forks - March 31-April 1, 1865

Namozine Church - April 3, 1865


Andrew Filed for Pension

By: Susan Burch Ajax