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  • Achika
  • Aeka
  • Nubiyuki Masaki
  • Kioyone
  • Mihoshi
  • Mayuka
  • Nagi
  • Ryoko
  • Sasami
  • Washu
  • Tenchi
  • Yosho
  • Yuzuha
  • K.A.I.N

  • Achika is Tenchi's mother. We first really meet her in the first Tenchi Muyo movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love. The plot of the movie was that a very powerful criminal, K.A.I.N. escaped from the Galaxy jail, and went back in time to kill off the Jurai line of people who held the Jurai power. Achika was his main target. Washu saw the disturbance K.A.I.N. made on his escape, and was able to save Tenchi from disappearing for awhile. Tenchi and the gang headed back in time to try and save Achika so that everything would be restored back to the way it was. They all posed as different people so that Achika wouldn't suspect anything weird going on, and while all this was going on, they saw how Tenchi's father and Achika fell in love with each other....Finally when things got to as bad as they were going to get, Achika realized her powers and used them to stop K.A.I.N. Achika died when Tenchi was five, and the main reason believed why she died, is because she exerted so much energy in her fight against K.A.I.N. Before Tenchi and his gang left her time realm, all their memories of each other were erased so that they wouldn't remember anything that happened. Achika was a light-hearted, kind person who seemed to love Nubiyuki very much.

    Nubiyuki Masaki is Tenchi's father. He was a shy, yet cute high school student, but is kind of a pervert as an older man. He is always happy that there are beautiful women living in his house, and appears to be a somewhat clueless father. In the first Tenchi Muyo movie, he is young, and has dreams of becoming an arcitect. In one scene, Achika follows him and see's him sketching away at a design for a house, and she makes him promise that when he builds the house, she can come over and see it. When they get older and get married, they do build that house, and live in it together. Nubiyuki is still an arcitect and seems to be a hard working guy.

    Aeka is the Royal Crown Princess from the planet Juryai. She is a prim, proper, half way concieted and stuck up character. She complains a lot, and can be seen as really annoying (a personal view). Most of the time she's nice enough, except when she and Ryoko cross paths. They compete for just about everything....especially attention for Tenchi. Aeka see's Tenchi as a possibility to marry...after all, he has some royal Jurai blood in him, and he's single. She also admires him for his calmness, and inner strength. She often has wild dreams about taking Tenchi back to Jurai with her, so that they can get married. But for the time being, she's happy to be on earth, relaxing, enjoying time away from the pressures of palace life (and all the suitors), and just to have a "vacation" on earth. In the OAV, she's a little bit less annoying (again personal view) although she comes to earth looking for Yosho, her half brother she was supposed to marry (royalty did that sort of thing). You feel more sympathetic to her OAV character, versus the TV series character.

    Kiyone Makibi is a First Class Galaxy Police Officer. She's 23, and is a very dedicated officer to her duties. She has a partner, Mihoshi, who seems to always get in her way, annoy her, and just about mess everything else up for Kiyone. Kiyone arrives on earth, because Mihoshi signaled her to come and rescue her there, after she crashes there chasing Ryoko. She and Mihoshi are almost like sisters, since she looks after her most of the time. She is, as mentioned before, extremely dedicated to her work, and is always hoping for a premotion, which gives her little time to do anything else, especially perhaps living on earth for awhile, would be a good vacation for her too.

    Mihoshi Kuramitsu is the other space cop that works with Kiyone. She is also a First Class Galaxy Police Officer, who is 23. She is first introduced when she crashes onto earth, after chasing Ryoko around. She is a very ditzy, whining, naive character. She doesn't really take her job all that seriously, hence she can be found eating, sleeping, or watching TV instead of working or doing what she is told. Mihoshi seems to dodge bad luck very well, but transfer it to those around her, especially Kiyone. Although bringing unfortune to some, she would do almost anything for Kiyone, and loves her like a sister. She is very loyal, and even being not the most intelligent character, is cared about, and cares about those around her.

    Mayuka is from the second Tenchi Muyo Movie: Daughter of Darkness, in which we are first introduced to her as Tenchi's (demon) daughter. Arriving on a midsummer day, she is pretty much welcomed into the Masaki home, like everyone else was. Washu tries to figure out who the mother could possibly be, while Ryoko is positive she's evil, and has come to destroy Tenchi. Although Myuka appears to be of 16 years of age, she lives no more than a few days, before Yuzuha, her demon creator, brings her back to the dark side, and completely erases any good that was in her heart. Sasami, who befriended her from the start, is the one in the end who saves her. Reminding Myuka of all her friends who love her, Myuka snaps out of her dark trance, and becomes good again. Yuzuha, angry that her creation had defied her, destroys Myuka until there is nothing left to her except a small red gem. Tenchi brings the gem back with him, after destroying Yuzuha and escaping her nitemare world. Washu, being the scientific genius she is, is able to recreate Myuka to be born as a baby. Myuka, while alive, was a happy, naive, bubbly character. .

    Sasami is the little sister of aeka, which makes her a princess. She too, comes from the planet juryiad, and is a sweet and nice little girl who basically befriends everyone. blablabla

    Nagi is the mysterious, dark character in Tenchi Muyo. Not appearing very often, but always leaving something there when she does. Her sole purpose is to hunt down Ryoko, and is a dark, serious character compared to Ryoko's light and playful attitude. Not having much in common, except a bit of similarity in appearences, and both having the same sort of transportation (she has Ken-Ohki). Nagi doesn't have any special powers like Ryoko does, and relies solely on her weapons for defense and fighting. She also has the tendency to be totally violent, like blowing things up, etc. No one really knows about the tension between Nagi and Ryoko, and it seems to be more then that Ryoko was the "one who got away" because later in the series Nagi appears to actually care about the well-being of Ryoko...

    Washu is a demon, who also happens to be one of the smartest, scientific geniuses in the whole universe (so she claims). She makes weird creations/inventions blablablablaabla.

    Ryoko is a space demon, who in the tv series, is first introduced to us by crashing onto earth, claiming she is being chased by space pirates, when she herself in fact is the space pirate. She can fly, walk through walls, and has other special powers. She and aeka bicker constantly, but also share a love for tenchi..blablabla

    Tenchi Masaki is obviously the main character. He is basically an ordinary guy who happens upon Ryoko one day on his way home from school. From there on out, his house is filled with beautiful women, he's torn between ryoko and aeka, and drags his whole family into one big messed up adventure.

    Yosho is Tenchi's grandfather who is the rightful leader of juryaid. He didn't want to be ruler there, so he found refugee on the planet earth....thus making tenchi have part of the royal blood...blablablabalbal.

    K.A.I.N. is the evil, bad guy from the first tenchi movie's that blablablabalbal

    Yuzuha is the demon from the second Tenchi Muyo Movie: Daughter of Darkness. Back to Main Tenchi Page
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