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(No Need For Tenchi)

In TENCHI MUYO! TV, a typical Japanese schoolboy's peaceful life is suddenly disrupted when an alien spaceship crashes just down the hill from his house. The beautiful alien who emerges from the ship takes an almost instant shine to him, and soon invites herself to stay at his rural house with his father and grandfather, whoare not exactly displeased to have such an exotic creature bunking in thier home. They are tather less pleased when other aliens start appearing in search of the first, but they soon come around, as most of thier uninvited houseguests are also lovely young ladies. Soon enough , the young Tenchi has a handful of beautiful alien females vying for his affections and the troubles of a young man with just too many women on his hands (not to mention too many alien women) are only just beginning...and that's not even mentioning how all these new friends varying backgrounds tie into the balance and overall safety of the universe at large.

About Tenchi Muyo's Characters

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