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Vibrational Remedies

Opening Flower

In this site I hope to explain some of the basic ideas about flower essences and vibrational remedies... 

An Introduction

The world of flower and vibrational remedies is as vast as the ocean and as any given thing or situation. We look at the vibrational remedies in all the wide as the sky. It expands beyond the horizons to the intangible and the reality of healing that many seek. an open mind can create healing from almost colours of the rainbow, in the ocean deep, in the woodland, in suburbia and also in time and place. In all creatures, great and small there is inherent, intuitive healing and we can all use it!

We have Dr. Edward Bach to thank for the modern use of flower essences. He pioneered the work on these remedies back in the 1930's when, as a Harley St. physician he found it increasingly harder to believe that one pill could treat patients with the same symptoms. He understood that each patient may have a different core reason for exhibiting the illness and that they could not all fit into the same classification. he believed that spiritual and mental aspects of a dis-ease were in disharmony and that this disharmony related to a mood such as anger, despair, grief or one of known or unknown fear.

Edward Bach originally developed twelve flower remedies to deal with these inharmonious states but later extended them to 38. The famous Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 which deal with an extreme state of shock-without any side effects.

Vibrational remedies may however go back to the dawn of time when man first saw dew on a leaf or flower and intuitively drank it for its healing properties. In the 1980's Richard Katz founded the Flower Essence Society and much work was done on many more flowers. He and Patricia Kaminski now codirect this wonderful society. Today there are over 4,000 plant, gem and environmental essences etc. listed in other companies such as Centergees.

These remedies are a natural and complimentary therapy, usually taken by mouth, {however they can be used in many other ways} with no toxic side effects. Essential oils they are NOT- yet are just as effective in helping an individual heal.emotional, spiritual and mental imbalances. they are in fact a way of life for many who find the charm of using these remedies comes from the fact they get right to the core of dis-ease rather than just placate an ache or pain.

What is a Vibrational Remedy

If you consider that all things in the universe including humans, vibrate at certain levels it may be easier to understand. Science has worked this out and applied it, so do vibrational remedies. The vibration of these energies can be imprinted on water, which then acts like a conductor of the energy. Flowers etc are palced on pure water in the sun or moon shine and the vibration is taken up by the water molecules. It is thought the molecular structure of the water is changed but we do not have delicate enough instruments to test this.{However if you taste water treated this way you will notice a definite change in the taste.

This water is usually bottled with brandy, glycerine or cider vinegar as a preservative and then used as needed. Now however, we are finding more and more that energy can be transferred by different means. This is another whole field of vibrational remedies often called Imponderables- those essences that seem to have no way of ever being naterial or physical yet above all else work!

So, vibrational remedies use animate and inanimate ojects which fuse their energies into water which can then be taken. these energies can be mixed or matched according to individual needs as they will work synergistically. They are not like a herbal remedy, in that there are no physically determined parts in the mix_ only energy. No vibrational remedy is harmful like a drug and the young and the young at heart can take them with safety.They are self righting in that if an essence is given 'by mistake' it will do no harm.

When using plant energy organic gardening practices are a must...any chemical residue on or around the plant may effect the plant's own energy... To have a look at such practices see Organic Down Under(they also have a wonderful booklet with proceeds going to Cancer research)

Will it Fix my Big Toe?

Because of their nature vibrational remedies effect the emotional causes of dis-ease. It is becoming more apparent that stress and and an imbalance of emotions{along with dietary factorsetc] take a toll on the physical body so that dis-ease, when it occurs has an easier time taking hold. Dis-ease is very oppotunistic, that is, if the body is weakened emotionally at some point the appropriate affliction will ocur at that fragile point. It is possible an emotional core may cause pain in the toe. Vibrational remedies assist in healing the inner cause first. Dis-ease starts on the emotional level and filters into the physical. Vibrational remedies work in this way too.

No matter what the situation is, never say there is no more help that can be given- vibrational remedies can offer help and relief.

When and how are Vibrational Remedies Taken?

Vibrational remedies rely on the frequency not the amount taken. One could take a whole bottle all at once and feel very little, yet a sensitive person with the right remedy may be able to feel a reaction with one dose. I know of others who only need to hold the bottle!

Often it is best to take 7 drops 3 times a day, under the tongue for two weeks then rest. If within another week or so no effect at all seems to take place either try the same drops or change the combination. This type of healing is always tailored to the individual.

If the emotional problem is buried deep within it make take a while to heal. To hurry healing pushes the body system to limits it may not be able to endure. If this happens healing may not be as complete as it could be.

Enhancing the Effects

Using the power of positive thinking when taking remedies [or for that matter any medication] greatly enhances the effect.

An affirmation or just visualising the remedy doing all it can to heal as it is taken is very worthwhile. It alows the mind to concentrate on the job at hand, just for a few seconds.

Try not to smoke or drink tea or coffee close to taking a vibrational remedy as strong odours or energies can nullify the effects. Shake the bottle vigorously before use and cap tightly afterwards. Keep it in a cool, dark place away from strong odours and electrical goods.

Half an hour before food is taken is best as this allows the remedy to assimilate into the body, however, 3 basic doses need only be spread out at convenient intervals with one near bedtime.

Age is not a limiting factor, as the very young and the young at heart can take them safely. This type of remedy does not appear to effect allopathic drugs in anyway so it is safe to take them with any other therapy as a compliment to the treatment regardless of its nature.

Other Uses

Apart from taking the drops orally they may be placed in the bath, in rinsing the hair or even added to creams, soaps and cleansers. Another way is to add them to aromatheray and massage oils. They can be used as a part of massage, shiatsu, reflexology, on accupuncture points, lasered in or just put on the finger tips and rubbed into aching joints. etc. A fine mist spray bottle is also useful for treating large areas.

Animals and plants also benefit greatly from vibrational remedies and the dosage can be adjusted to their needs.

This form of healing depends on the individual deciding what is right for them. They can choose the remedy, whether to be well or not and they too can be the ones to use the remedies as they wish. Nothing is more important than the person as an individual.

These remedies do not claim to be a panacea for all ills nor a cure - without the individual they are not. What they do is facilitate a healing journey chosen by the individual for the individual.

Of course consult a practitioner, use commonsense, but remember healing is using nature gently not by force. So, take time to decide then allow nature to help you.

NEW!!Doctrine of Signatures. How the colour and texture of a plant/stone etc. may show its healing properties.

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