Forging Britannia

The First Age of Darkness

Once, there was a kind sorcerer who had a gem of power; the Gem of Immortality. This sorcerer had a son named Mondain, who sought great power at any cost. Mondain murdered his father, and took his powerful Gem of Immortality. Through time Mondain worked, altering the past and sending his world, Sosaria, into a time of darkness.

One of the lords of Sosaria, Lord British, sent a call to adventurers, so that Mondain might be defeated. A stranger answered the call, grew to power, and went back in time. This stranger shattered the Gem of Immortality, thus ruining Mondain's hold on the land.

The Second Age of Darkness

Mondain had an apprentice, Minax the Enchantress. Using the power of time travel that she learned from Mondain, she went further back than even Mondain dared; to the Time of Legends. From here, she gained control of the Time Gates, altered the stranger's homeland of Earth, and claimed the land with her own wicked power.

Again, Lord British sent word for heroes of the land. Again, the stranger appeared, and using the power of the Time Gates to his own advantage, the stranger went to the Time of Legends and slew Minax.

The Third Age of Darkness

Mondain and Minax had a wicked offspring; Exodus. Neither man nor machine, but a mixture of both, Exodus proved to be the most powerful evil Sosaria had yet seen. Again, the land changed, and again evil was unleashed upon the world.

Lord British sent out the call once more, and the stranger appeared with three others to aid him in the quest. Four brave adventurers went through the world, gained in power, and sought the advice of the mysterious Time Lord. With the wisdom of the Time Lord, Exodus was defeated, and peace has finally come to Sosaria.

A Time of Change

Now that the Triad of Evil has been defeated, the land again changes. But this is not the forced change of evil. This is the change brought by ideology, and a land divided. The stranger has had a positive impact on the world of Sosaria, but a number of his actions have caused harm to the land, as well. You enter the land, to seek the advice of Lord British, so that the land may be healed and sent into an age of enlightenment.

The Tome

All you need to play is the RuneSword game engine, and this tome.

The Tome
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Pieces of Sosaria

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Character Graphics
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Overland Map
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  • Sosaria: Post-Exodus
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    Spoilers Center

    Location of Towns
    This can be helpful as you just try to get around in the world. This map shows the location of the towns and moongates, and hints of other places you might find.

    Routes of Moon Gates
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    Location of Dungeons and Lairs
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