Title: It Has Begun-- Prologue
Author: Kata
Disclaimer: Still not mine!
Summery: Set ten years in the future. The rest will unfold as the story does.
Feedback: Please! This is a little different style for me.
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Author's notes: Well, I really didn't plan on starting another series until school was out, but... what can I see? Inspiration hit. I also didn't plan on writing a prologue. It just sort of wrote itself.


Michael Guerin looked around the once familiar town. It had been ten years. Ten years since they had found the anwers. Ten years since his old life had ended.

They thought they had it all figured out. They had each other, what else did they need? They had left Roswell. Left their human friends. Max and Isabel had told their parents the truth. What was two more people? And they had left.

It hadn't been what they expected. The communicators had alerted hundreds of aliens. They had spent the last ten years on the run. They did manage to finish high school. A couple of monts in Seattle, a semester in New Your... somehow they had all ended up with a high school diploma. Always on the run. Not from the FBI. No, Nasedo had done his job well, keeping his alien charges safe. As far as any of them knew, he was still masquerading as Pierce. No, they were running from the alien enemy. They knew that they weren't ready to face them. Not then. So the years of running had been years of learning, too. Tess had taught them all she knew, and they had discovered even more abilities together. They all had their own special talents-- Max's healing, Isabel's dreamwalking, Tess' ability to make people see things that weren't there, and Michael's visions. They had refined these powers, but had avoided combat.

They had learned other things over the years, too. They had learned that destiny wasn't everything. They had been set to Earth as two sets of sibblings, and two sets of couples. The sibblings were sibblings in every sense of the word. Max and Iz, Michael and Tess. They bickered, and fought, and were always the first to defend each other. But the couples... after ten years they were as close as four people could be, but there was no romance. Even Tess, who had wanted Max so badly at sixteen, knew that the aliens could never truely love each other. As brother and sister yes, but never as husband and wife. No matter what had happened in that previous lifetime, this was now. and so they had all remained unattached. And they all longed for someone left behind. Even Tess dreamt of a certain sheriff's son.

Ten years. Ten years of learning about themselves, each other, and their powers. They were ready. And so they returned to their chosen battlefield. To Roswell. Because they had learned something else over the years. It wasn't 'just the four of them.' It was the humans, too. Liz, Maria, Alex, Sheriff Valenti, even Kyle, all were tied up in this. And the aliens needed the humans, too. As aliens, as friends, maybe even for the something more they once had. It was time to come home. It was time for the battle to begin.


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