Title: It Has Begun (1/?)
Author: Kata
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me.
Summery: Just a little something to get the series started. Sorry it's so short. I thought this was a good breaking place, and I didn't have another one for a while.
Author's Notes: I probably should have put this in the Prologue, but Michael and Tess are sibblings. I've read spoilers that said that, and I like the idea. And the Backstreet Boy character, when he comes around (and he will... eventually), will just be called Howie, because I'm uncreative like that.
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Michael walked the streets alone. Max and Isabel were reuninting with their parents, and Tess had stayed at the hotel, not wanting to ruin any reunions. So, Michael was alone. He wondered if he should look up any of his old human friends, but quickly discarded the idea. It had sounded so easy on the way here. "Find Liz, Maria, and Alex, maybe even Valenti and Kyle-- because surely Kyle knew their secret by now-- and tell them everything." Now that they were actually in Roswell, Michael realized that it wouldn't be that easy. They had left with no explanation. Not even saying good-bye. Liz would have told them everything, and they would have felt betrayed, hurt. But Michael knew that they would have to try. There were hundreds of the enemy and only four of them-- plus Nasedo. They needed all the help they could get.

Michael waundered aimlessly. Finally, he found himself headed to the place he knew best. The Crashdown Cafe. He wasn't sure what he expected to find, he didn't even really know if it was still there. He certainly hadn't expected to find the same waitress working there. But there she was. Older, sadder, but it was still her. Michael stayed there for some time, not going inside, just watching. Why was she still here? She had had dreams. He had known that better than anyone. Once in a while, when she was over at his apartment, he would hold her in his arms, and she would just talk. He never told her that was what he like best about their relationship. It was even better than their make-out sessions in the Eraser room at school. But here she was, still working at the Crashdown. It was even the same dress. Finally, Michael made his decision, and swung through the doors. He was going to have to talk to her eventually, and he was going to do it now. He was going to talk to the only girl he had ever loved, the girl he still loved more than anything. Maria Deluca.


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