underwater breathing chap 6

Chap 6> I awoke in a car; silent as anything I’d ever heard. The only sound I heard was him, breathing next to me. I couldn’t remember how I’d gotten in this car. I was in my underwear. I had this distant pounding in my ears, a drumming beat that wouldn’t go away. I tried to reason. Was I with him? I was almost to scared to look. I turned over slowly, I felt like I was dead, but I managed to roll over and look at him. My breath caught in my throat. It was him. He had saved me. It all came rushing back, in swirls and madness and distant visions of something I could not place, I remembered. I sat up and looked around. We were in a Firebird, an old one. From somewhere in the 70s. In great condition. Beautiful. We were….where were we? In a field, I thought. In the woods. It was soo quiet. In la, there is nowhere quiet, I was surprised, yet pleased he had found a silent place. I searched the car for a drink. I was thirsty as hell. “Damn” I cursed to myself as a sharp pain shot through my head. Whatever it was I had taken last night, it sure wasn’t mixing with how much I had to drink. A faint smell of alcohol hit my nose. I looked over at him. He stirred. He opened his eyes and looked at me. He looked startled for a minute, and then I guess he realized, and he gave me that trademark smile. He sat up and stretched. “Are you okay? He asked softly, searching my eyes for an answer. “I’m okay,” I said. “Who are you?’ I demanded, facing him and smiling a mocking smile. “What happened last night?” I needed to know. He smiled again, and zoned out as if remembering some pretty animal he had seen and replied. “ You were fucked, to say the truth. I saved you. You just came running up to me and then you like, just fainted. Just like that. But I remember you.” I noticed he was only wearing boxers, and I wondered what he had done to me when I was out. “I remember you too. “ I said. “ What did you do to me, anyways? Did you rape me?” I asked, just curious. Not because I would have minded if he did, but because it was just a slightly interesting fact that we were both in our underwear. He laughed. “No. You threw up all over yourself so I took off your clothes. And then you threw up all over me! So, that’s why, girl. “ He looked amused. Not disgusted. I was puzzled. “What happened that other night when we were dancing? It was like…I was free. It was like…. A dream. Then…you were gone. I was gone. What happened? Who are you anyways? ” My name is Taylor. You? My little candy girl.” He said affectionately. “Alicia. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Why didn’t you leave me there? “ I asked. “Because I knew. There was something there. I felt this longing, this strange feeling. Like I was coming out of this huge daze I’d been in for all my life. I saw you….you were so beautiful. We danced….it was like a bliss, I forget everything and I just felt you…..in such a deep way it almost made me sick. I knew something, but I didn’t know what. You know?” He paused, and I listened. “ I left. I had too. It was too much for me. I knew I’d see you again.” Everything he was saying made no sense, yet it did in some way. I smiled. “So Taylor, that was a wild rave last night, huh?” He scooted closer to me and I could smell that lingering scent of alcohol and smoke and sex on his breath, and he said, “Sure thing. But all I thought about was you. “ I felt weak, he drove me crazy. I couldn’t think. I slowly lay down and I closed my eyes. I could feel him leaning over me, his breath touching my neck. I had felt this before…this feeling, it was indescribable. With my eyes still closed, I fell away... and then>>>>>> I was delirious. I had emerged from the water, spitting and choking and gagging from it, but I was alive. I would live, I decided. As he moved against me I felt like I was being born again, thousands of pictures flashed through my mind, I couldn’t make sense of all of them. We were one, loving and feeling and living through each other. There was some new awareness, a new feeling swept over me, like a breath. I looked into his eyes, a thousand things I saw. Sorrow and pain and happiness and love. Dragons and magic and evil……..I can’t describe this power he has. Over me. Over everyone. This was more then any sex I’d ever had, this was like being born again, into a new world. I was flying. And he was there with me.

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