mermaids of surburbia

chap 1 -> This is my house. Sure, itís white. Itís ordinary, just like everyone and every house on the block. In this nieghboorhood. In this god-damn town. Itís funny how things are never what they appear to be, I guess. My family ( my blood, but nothing more, sadly.) lives in this house, in this hell. In this lie. Perfect people are perfect liars. We live in a suberb. You think idenical houses all the same, and husbands running to beat the six-o-clock train, and wives baking cookies and wearing blue jeans and silk shirts. Friendly nieghborhood barbeques and perfect private school girls. Yeah. I guess. Look closer. Look beniegh the surface, folks. Discover a whole new world. The world behind the people who live here. __________________________________________

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