Chapter Seven

"Is Shane there?" 'Oh yes honey!" his grandmother cheerly said into the phone." Who is this ?" "This is Crystal, Ms. Grant." "Oh, hello Carrie! I'll go get him!" Crystal was bout to say that her name was Crystal she heard, "Yeah?" "Is that how you answer the phone? hhow rude." Crystal teased. "Oh hey Crystal. What's up" He asked. "Did you hear about the ZAc and Andie thing?" "No. something happen?" " Shit yeah! Andie got like really mad at Zac and like dumped him. Of course, he would'nt care, going out behind her back with Kalie and all." "Kalie?" "You don't know who Kalie is?" "No. Never met her in my life. It's like I tend to keep up with Zac Hansons sex life." "She's this little slut girl that Taylor and Zac know. I think Becky knows her too." "Oh, so you wanna go to a movie tonight? I hav'nt seen you in a while. " "Tonight?" Crystal thought for a mounent. "Well, I'm sopposed to be,like spending qualily "famliy time " but I guess I could bug them to let me go." "Cool. How about 7:00?' "Do you know when the movie starts?" "No." Crystal laughed. "I'll go check the movie times." Shane waited while Crystal looked though todays paper. "Well....We have American beauty, Something called the Wings of a lark, some shit with Julia Roberts, Fight Club and you Drive me crazy." "Um..what do you want to see?" "You mean your not goint to sugget that see Fight Club?" "No, I hate Brad pitt.He's such a fag." Shane laughed. "Okay..well we could see American beauty. I heard it was good." "Cool. Meet me there at 7:00 okay?" "Sure thing. See you there" ___________________________________________________________________________________________ "Oh my god! now that really sucks ass!" Becky exclamed as she took a huge bite out of her hamburger.They were sitting in Mc Donalds and Andie had just told Becky about Zac. "He is such a ass ! I don't know why I ever went out with him in the first place." Becky chewed her food and replyed, "Well, because you thought he was cute.....But I can't believe he did that to you! I know Kalie too. She's cool. I am surprized that she would be such a bitch." Andie looked at Becky. "You know her?How well do you know her?" "A bit. She's one of Matts friends, whos on Of Tays.So we met though them.I think she used to date Matt." "Ahh......." Andie sipped her pop and stared into space. Becky watched her with pained interest. " Andie?" No Answer. "Andie!" "What?" She snapped out of her trance. "Are you cool with this?" "What do you mean?" "I mean....It does'nt bother you too much right?" "I just did'nt think he would do something like that, you know?" "Yeah i know. I tottaly know. You know Andie, you really should'nt trust guys for anything. Always expect the unexpected. Guys are worthless whan it comes to commitment." Andie laughed. "Yeah, I guess your right." "Damn right I am. I've been around that block a couple times. " "I guess I just thought he was different." "We all think that in the beginnning, hon." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Hey Shane" Crystal said as she ran up to him. "Hey Girl!" Shane said, kissing her sofly on the lips. He pulled away, but she grabbed his shirt and pulled him back to her. They stood there kissing for a minute untill they saw the security guard giving them a weird look. Crystal laughed. "So much for some P.D.A." "So, whan does the movie start?" Crystal looked at her watch. "In about two minutes. We got here just on time." "Lets go in early." Shane said, he put his arm around her as they headed into the theature. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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