Chapter eight

"Matt, this sucks . Can you believe we are actually in a movie theatre without a chick? this is pathetic.As in lame-ass. I mean..." Taylor, looked around. "People are gonna start thinking were gay." Taylor said finnaly.Matt laughed. He put his arm around Taylor and pretended to leaning in to kiss him. "I love you Taylor. I want your body... your hair is like a pretty sunset......." He said in a girly voice. Taylor shoved him away and laughed. They sat there for a while longer waitng for the movie to start. The lighting soon went out and the previews started. "Matt?" Taylor whispered.. "Uh-huh?" Matt mummbled through his mouthful of bon-bons. "Why is Becky so damn mad at me?" "You still don't kmow?" Matt snickered.. "I mean, I know she's pissed that i told everyone or whatever, but I don't know why shes so damn mad!" Matt put this feet up on the chair in front and sighed. He looked at Taylor. "Let me tell you something Tay. Something about chicks. Chicks hate it when you reveal your guys personal life. They like to think that everything you guys do in private is kept private. But if you guys ever did diside to try and fuck in front of like, everyone in the middle of the mall then feel free to tell everyone. but otherwise, shut up. They have emotional issues. " Taylor laughed at that comment. Well, she's just so sensitive and shit." "Live with it, bro." Matt said. "Girls are like that.Can't live with them, can't live without them." "Words of wisdom Matt, words of wisdom. What did you get that from? Dawsons Creek?" Taylor said. And with that, the movie started. Taylor thought about that. Was she really hurt by what he had did? How mad was she? Taylor really hadn't ment to act like a ass. He made a mental date to call her again when he got home. Maybe she would talk to him today. But he doubted it. __________________________________________________________________________________________ "Hey, Bracken? " "Yeah?" "Shane here, what's up??" "Oh, hey, what's the deal? why you calling me?" Bracken snipped. "Chill man! just inviting you to my party tonight. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" He teased. "No.I'm just kind of busy right now. " "Oh, Well, are you coming?" "Yeah, bring that cool new CD okay? Bring alot okay?you see i kind of lost my CDS." Shane said in that fake I-mean- something-else tone.Bracken smiled. "Sure thing. " "Bring some chicks too. 8:00 Tonight. Invite some others too." "Okay. Later man." _________________________________________________________________________________________ ~ the later that night~ People were just starting to arrive when Bracken showed up. Dressed in his usual black pants and black "Godsmack " tee, hair slicked back .He had brought his friend Suzi from school. "Hi, my name is Suzi, but you can call me Suzi! It's very cool to meet you Shane! your a cutie!" Um, yeah......." Shane said. Suzi quickly lost her interest, and went overinto the living room to look at the "decor". "Bracken!" Shane hissed."I told you to bring a normal chick! not this freak!" Bracken laughed. "Well, I could'nt find anyone else. And I thought it would be hella funny as shit to see her drunk. She's such an airhead." Bracken said. Shane started laughing. Suzi noticed they were laughing and came over. "What's so funny?" she asked. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ "Oh my god, I can't believe we, as in us,are going to a real party!" Anastasia squealed, as she tried on a blue old navy tank top.She shook her head and took it off, mummbling to herself that she looked fat in everything she owned. "I know! this is so awesome! It's Shane's party too! " Anastasia and Theresa were old friends of Becky and Crystal. Crystal had called to invite them since Shane had said to invite anyone she could find. Shane liked Theresa too. So he would be happy. "You still like Shane? Theresa! I thought you were over him!" Theresa looked amused. "Hell no! that's a joke! Hey Stasha, I got a good dare for you!" "What?" "You have to , when we play truth or dare, kiss Shane" "How long?" "Ten seconds." "Okay ,deal. Your on." "Cool." "Your not gonna do it!" Theresa taunted. "Am too!" "Okay them. WE'll see won't we?" ________________________________________________________________________ "Cat! that's absurd! what in the hell are you talking about!" Becky exclamed, taking a nother sip of her beer.Crystal had just been trying to tell her something about how she got a pet elephant yesterday. "Well...what I was saying before i was so rudely interuppted was that......." Crystal stopped and looked confused. "I don't remember!" She exclamed. That took her off into a fit of laughter. Becky just laughed lightly. The second they had gotten to Shanes party, Crystal had went for the keg. Now she was more then a little drunk. And they had only been there for a hour. Becky looked around for Taylor. It's not that she was really looking for him, she was just curious if he had showed up at all. She did'nt see him. She disided to go look for him.She took one more swig of her beer and eased Crystal up by the arm. "Huh? where are we doing?The zoo?" Crystal slurred. Becky rolled her eyes. "We are going to find Shane and Matt and Tay." "Oh...okay." They sifted thorouh the crowd, occasionally bumping into other people.When they finnaly got to Shane's room. They knocked. It was open. They went in. No one there. "Where the hell is he?" Becky mummbled. As they were heading intto the direction of the kichten,Becky bumped right into Shane. "Hey Girl! seen Tay around?" He asked. Then to Crystal he said, "Hey baby, what's up?" Crystal was too busy examining her shoelaces to answer. Becky laughed. "She's stone cold drunk." Shane laughed. "That's my girl!!" Becky shook her head. 'Wheres Tay?" "I did'nt know he was coming. I called him earlier, and his bro said that he was coming but Tay might not." "Oh, Zacs here? ..." She trailed off, thinking about The Andie and Kalie thing." Did he say why he might not?" "Um...he said because Taylor thought you did'nt want to see him or something. Anyways, were all going to the pool out back, so catch us out there okay?" Shane dissapared in the crowd. "Okay. I'm going to call Taylor and then i'll be out there" Crystal stopped looking at her shoe laces and said, "I have to wait for Anastasia and Theresa. They are like coming soon. " "You invited them!?" "Yeah. Why?" Crystal asked, alarmed by the sudden look of anger on Beckys face. "You know I can''t stand those bitches." Well, I thought it would be funny to get Theresa high and stoned.You know, little good girl gone bad!" Crystal was then lost into a fit of giggles at her own joke. Becky was getting annoyed by Crystal. "Yeah, well they can find you here themselves. Why don't you go to the pool and I'll meet you there in a sec?" Becky said to Crystal, shooing her in to direction of the Back porch door. Witch lead to Shane's outdoor pool. "Yep. That' sounds just spiffy!" Crystal said, laughing, she headed towards the back yard. __________________________________________________________________________________________ " name is Theresa. Why?" "I was just wondering." The boy flashed a smile. Theresa smiled too, not knowing what else to do. Theresa and Anastasia had just gotton to thr party. The second they had walked in the door, some guy had approcahed Theresa. All guys liked Theresa. I mean, its not like she was really glamorous and all, but guys seemed to be drawn to her tomboy , outgoing personality. "So, do you know Shane, or are you here with someone?" 'Um..i know Shane" Theresa answered. Anastasia cut in with, "Yeah she does, and why are you talking to her anyways? don't think your gonna get lucky with her. Shes not like that." Theresa looked emmbarrsed. The boy just looked confused. "Um..okay i'll just leave now. You chicks are weird man." He walked away. "Anastasia! why did you say that! I think he liked me!" "I was just protecting you, Theresa! you never know, he could be a pycho!" Theresa cocked her eye. "Sure, that's right Stasha.Well, anyways lets go over to to pool!I brought my bathing suit .I think i see people over there in the pool." "You brought your bathing suit?" Anastasia snickered."Thats lame." "Who are you to say? You brought your suit too!" they both laughed at that and headed out side._ _____________________________________________________________________________________ "Is Taylor around?" Becky asked. "Um..sure Beck, i'll go get him." Zac put the phone down and called Taylor. "Hello?" "Hey Baby." "Becky?" "Yeah." "Your talking to me?" "Sure." "Well, just wanted to say that I'm sorry. You know, for telling them about us. Can you forgive me? I really did'nt think it would ubset you so much." "Oh Tay...." Becky trailed off. "Its okay. i'll get over it." Taylor felt relieved. "Thanks. so, are you at Shanes party? having fun?" "Oh yeah, it 's cool. Crystal is out in the pool, drunk as fuck, so I think i should go check on her. but, you wanna come on over here? I miss you." Becky added. Sure, if i can get my mom to drive me there. Hold up. I'll go ask" Becky waited while he asked. He said it was set so they hung up. Becky was smiling as she headed out to the bathroom to change into her bathing suit. She was almost relieved that she and Taylor had made up. As much as she would not have admitted it before, she had missed Taylor. Alot. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Shane pushed Crystal against the pool wall and kissed her even more passionatly . After a while, his hands started wandering to the top of her bikini top. She bit her lip as he his hands wandered under her top, massaging her nipples. Quickly making them erect. Shane took off her bikini top and started sucking on her left breast. Crystal moaned (she could'nt resist) and put her head back and closed her eyes. They continued at that for a while until Taylor and Becky , in there suits, came walking up, interupting them. "Hey Guys!" Becky chirped loudly. THey jumped and glared at them. "Taylor, your are such a ass sometimes." Shane said. He shook his head. Becky smiled. "Ah, boys bickering, How cute." "Shit, you guys were really getting into it huh? "Taylor snickered. "I didn't want you guys to drown so I guess you could say we saved your ass. " Crystal tried to change the subject. "Well, so are you guys coming in or not? or are you just gonna stand there in your bathing suits and look like morons?" She smirked. Becky smirked back and jumped in. Purposely splashing Crystal. "You guys are so immature!" Anstasia said, as she and Theresa swam over.That caught them all by surprize. Becky looked discusted.Crystal looked surprized. "Hey Theresa! what's up Anastasia? Having fun at my own kick ass party?" Shane smirked, swimming (well, more like half walking half swimming) over to them. "Hi Shane! phat party! " Theresa said, trying to sound cool. Shane raised his eyebrows. Then she turned to Taylor. "Hey Taylor! how you doing ? hav'ent seen you in a while!" While they talked Becky was getting madder by the moument. "That little bitch! shes flirting with Taylor! " Becky mummbled a few other words and swam away toward the other side of the pool. Probobly to cool off, Crystal thought. She went after her anyways. "Becky! wait up!" "Yeah.?" Becky sighed. She sat down on one the steps top the pool. "Don't worry. She's a ugly bitch. Taylor likes you. He won't fall for her." "Oh, I know that, but I'm just worried about what he'll do if he's drunk." __________________________________________________________________________________

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