Chapter Five

~What is wrong with me? Why do i think this? It's like....everyday im so dissapointed in my self for the way I look. I truly think it's MY fault that I'm not thinner. How can he like me? I mean God, I look like such a pig! ~ She ran her hands though her hair and thought hard.~ What does he find so attractive about me? I am so damn fat......everyone knows it. Maybe i should cut down on my calories more.~ She shook her head as if clearing it. ~Yes, thats what I'll do. I won't let it happen. I wont. I won't let him dump me for that. No. That's why i must eat MUCH MUCH LESS.500 hundred calories a day here I come!~ Kalie sighed. She looked in the bathroom mirror. "I am so damn fat!" ______________________________________________________ *The next morning* Kalie stood in the mirror thinking about that to wear today to school. Kalie always had a problum with this. Every morning. "I swear, i look so fat in everything i own!" She shook her head as She picked up a blue tank top off her floor and pulled it over her head. She looked in the mirror AND stared her self in discust. She put her hands on her stomach and sucked in. ~Oh shit!i forgot to count my calories yesterdsay!What am I going to do!~ She felt slightly panicked. She started getting all panicky and had to sit to calm herself down. She spent about another half am hour trying to figure out what to wear, then she saw the clock and saw it was time to go to school so she quickly put on a white tank top and blue flare jeans. She made sure that to bottum of the shirt covered her stomach and then she headed downstairs. _____________________________________________________ "Hey Dad!" She chirped as she headed down the stairs to the kitchen. "Hey sweetie, want something to eat?" Mr Mcdillon said. Kaile sat down and shook her head. "I um....had A little bit of a stomachace to toady. I'll eat at school though." "You are sure? " "Yeah, DAd." "But you need to eat becasue your a growing girl- "Look dad" Kalie cut him off. She was'nt a bout nto let him suck her into the guilt trip for not eating. She as GOING to stick to her new diet. End of discusion. Her dad sighed. "Sometimes I feel like you don't even listen. You need to eat Kalie! What did you eat yesterday? Lunch? at school? that's all! Your dying." Kalie got up. "Look dad,don't blow this out of porportion. I have to head to school, or i'll be late, i will eat at school okay?" "Okay Kalie. Go" He waved his hand. "Bye dad" Kalie grabbed her pack, and looking a her self once more in the mirror, she went out the door. ______________________________________________________ more coming soon!

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