Chapter one

Like my little banner? I found it somewhere on the web. Sorry if it's yours :( ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tears streamed down her face as she headed over to her boyfriends house,she had tried to be strong, but she had failed. The truth was she did care if she fought with her mom. She had went to her best friends house, but she had not been there. She stomped up the wooden porch stairs and knocked on the door. No one answered so she just walked in. The Hanson's house was just like a second home to her. As was her's to them. She was jsut used to walking in when ever she pleased. She passed Zac's room as she headed for Taylor's. "Hey Becky! Hold up! what's wrong?" Zac saw the mad look on her face. ''Nothing Zac!' she yelled back as she tried to run to Taylor's room. Zac grabbed her arm. He saw her face. He knew something was wrong. "Becky!" he held her wrist while she struggled. She soon gave up. Zac was strong. There was no escaping that. "Please tell me what's wrong" his brown eyes played into hers. "I know theres something wrong" he said, slightly smirking. "It's nothing really..." Becky looked away. She was lying and he knew it. Zac stared at her for a moument longer then sighed. He saw her tears. The ones she tried so hard to hide. He pretended not to notice. "Okay. You gotta tell me later okay, girl??" Zac let go of her arm and shoved his hands in his pockets. Becky forced the biggest smile she could. "It's nothing really Zac, chill okay? Im not gonna die!" Zac looked at her closely. She seemed to have stopped crying momentlarly. "Hey, I was just worried about know?" he hesitated. "I don't like to see you crying that's all. It hurts me to see you hurting." Becky laughed. She could'nt help it. ~That was so sweet~. "Thanks Zac, that was really sweet." Zac shurgged. "Whatever".