Chapter Thirteen

"You see......" Theresa sighed. "It kind 0f happened like this. Me and Anastasia were in the bedroom. we were listening to some music...and we were all really drunk." Theresa looked at Taylor and Becky. "It's all your fault you know! you guys are the ones who wanted me to drink!" "It's no ones fault but your own,Theresa. You know that." Taylor snapped. "now please tell me happened." He said. "Did she fource you??" "Who are you? my Mother?" Theresa asked. "No I am not. I was just wondering as in curious to know the fact of when actually my friend turned into a lesbian!" he said cooly. "Oh fuck off, Taylor. I am not gay. It was a accident. Have you ever had feelings toward a guy??" Taylor shook his head. "I'm not a fag." He said. Theresa shook her head. "Tell us more." Becky spoke up with. She glanced over at Anastasia. Who was sitting on the bed. Shocked maybe. Taylor pointed to the bed. They all sat down on the edge. "Well?" Taylor prompted. He was still slightly shocked from all of this. He could'nt believe what he had just saw. He wanted a explanation. And now. Theresa, seeing that she had no way out of explaining, said, "Well, we were drunk and it just sort of happened. " "What? that's all you have to say? I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON HERE! How could you accidantally kiss a chick??" Taylor yelled. Becky touched his arm and raised a eyebrow to him. "Yep.That's all I have to say. This is really none of your bisiness." Theresa said. Taylor put his head in his hands and shook his head. Becky looked at Theresa then Anastasia with a look of something between confusion and distaste. Anastasia spoke up for the first time. "Are you going to tell Shane?" Taylor raised his head and looked at her. "Yeah, since it was in- "No you can't!" Anastasia yalled. She jumped off the bed and quickly walked up to him . Taylor as still sitting on the bed whan she said, "If you breathe one word to anyone about this" She nodded to Becky too. "I swear to god Taylor Hanson, I will beat your skinny little gay ass. Don't think won't, cause I will. " She hissed out. Taylor was shocked. Was she threating him? Theresa and Becky were shocked too. Taylor stood up, and with pure calmness in his voice he said, "First of all, don't threaten me. Second, I will tell whoever I damn well please about this. Get out of my face." Taylor was a good 6 inches taller then her, so she slightly cringed at his tone. She went on anyways. "I swear I'll kill you though. I mean it, don't you tell anyone about this. I will beat you up if you do." At that remark, Becky laughed. Anastasia whipped her head around and looked at her. "What was that? did you laugh? " She demanded. Becky laughed again. Which made Anastasia even more mad. "Yeah? what are you gonna do about it, bitch?" Becky asked. Anastasia tried to ignore her. She shoved her face right up to Taylor and said, "I'll beat your stupid bitch little girlfriends ass too. When I'm done with you. " Taylor did'nt like her so close to his face. He was getting mad. What right did she have to threaten him? Becky looked at Theresa, who was just sitting there in shock. She had probobly never even seen Taylor get mad before. Taylor was usually calm and controlled. But Becky could tell that was going to change in a minute. Taylor shoved Anastasia againest the wall "Look you fucking bitch, don't you ever call my girlfriend a bitch ever again. Don't you ever. Or before you know it, your sorry fat gay ass is gonna hurting like hell." Anastasia opened her mouth to say something, but Taylor punched her in the stomach. She doubled over, swearing. "Look and listen bitch." He hissed. " I swear on my damn mothers grave, that if you even try to fuck with me one more time, I am going to beat your ass so hard that not even mommy will be able to save you.I'm so sick of your shit." He noticed that she wasn't looking at him. "Look at me bitch!" He demanded. She did so. He looked her straight in the eye an said, "You ever try to lay a hand on me or my girlfriend one more time, you better watch out . I never liked you Anastasia . Remember that. You watch your back." And with that, he walked out the door. Becky was about to go after him, but it was always best to leave him alone at these times. He needed to cool off. Becky was absulotlly shocked. she'd never seen him hit anyone before in her life. "Oh my god' Was all she said. Theresa ran over to Anastasia. "Are you okay?" She cried, running up beside her. Anastasia was still sitting on the ground. She plopped down on her back. "Oh, shit. I think that asshole broke my nose!" She groaned. She looked over at Becky who was till sitting on the bed in shock, staring into space. Anastasia snapped her out of her trance whan she said, "You better wath out Becky. I will get you for this. Your dumb ass boyfriend does'nt scare me. I can lick him anytime." She ment it as a threat, but Becky just smiled. "That's tight Anastasia. Just remember what Taylor said." Was all she said. "I will. I swear." "Oh, you in denial Girl. Lose the fantasy." "I will .I swear." "That's right Anastasia." Becky left the room as well. _____________________________________________________