Chapter Fourteen

"Oh my god, Zac! you wouldn't ever believe what I just heard!" Andie screamed into the phone. Zac flinched. Damn she was loud. "What?" he asked. "Well, I heard the weirdest ass thing today. I was on the phone with Taylor and Becky on three way," she trailed off. "and Taylor said that he and Becky walked in on Anastasia and Theresa kissing!" Zac was astounded. "What?? What in the FUCK!" Andie laughed. "I know! it's fucking crazy! Becky said that she was really really freaked when she saw that.......I mean, I'm sure she didn't know." "Didn't know what?" "That Anastasia liked Theresa." "You know, that's interesting. I mean, why would they do it in the middle of a party? I mean, talk about being obvious." "Well, maybe they really you know,wanted too. So they forget about everyone else and just went for it. Kind of like ....I don't know, fate?" "Are you saying you think it's fate for them?" "No, I'm just saying that I think it was ment to happen." __________________________________________________________________________________________ ~A few days later ~ "Oh my god Tay! it's all over! Anastasia is going to be out to fucking kill me, I just know it! she seriously would love to see me dead. " Becky frowned as she ripped a poster off a post in downtown Tulsa. "Who would go to all the trobule of posting damn fliers up about this! this is unreal! this is so lame." Taylor marveled. They had walked downtown to see fliers everywhere that proclamed: "Anastasia Rosca kissed Theresa Johnson!" It was unreal. They could'nt beleive that somoeone whould go to so much trouble just to do this. "I mean this is just stupid." Becky said, ripping down another poster. Taylor watched her intently. "Why are you taking them down? I thought you like hated her. I would think you would bathe in seeing her suffer." Becky shook her head. "No one deseves to be this emmbarassed." She replied. " Not even Anastasia." Taylor just shook his head and started helping her with the posters. __________________________________________________________________________________________ "Is Becky there?" "Yeah, who is this?" "Anastasia." "What do you want." Becky coldly asked. "Who put up those posters. I want to know. It was you was'nt it? you bitch! I just knew you would do something like that! You little bitch!" she repeated. "Slow down. I did'nt put up the stupid fucking posters. I don't know who did either. So fuck off and chill out." Anastasia was quiet for a minute. "Who did then, huh? I want to know who did. Was it your little boyfriend Taylor? It was was'nt it?" "Oh shut up Bitch. Close your mouth nd listen for a change." Becky hissed." It was 'nt Taylor, okay? I gotta go...See you later." She hung up, leaving Anastasia confused and really , really mad. How could Becky deny it was her? It had to be her.Who else could it be? _______________________________________________________________________________________ "Hey man,have you seen my Britney Spears CD around? I think I lost it." Taylor said. Zac lifted his head from his place on the couch at that question. "I don't know where that stupid skanks CD is. Sorry." Taylor sat down on the couch. "She's not a skank. Shes fine." "Remember boy.You have Becky. Chill out the hormones. " He smirked. Taylor half rolled is eyes. "A guy can dream can't he?" right then Jessica walked in to the room asking if anynone had seen her Malibu Barbie doll. They both said no, so she walked back out, shaking her head. "You heard about the Theresa and Anastasia thing right?" Taylor asked, "Yeah, Andie told me about it yesterday. It's crazy." Zac remarked. " I just can't believe it." "The funny thing is that Shane still doesn't know that it took place in his room. Actually, I don't think he knows at all. That is unless he's seen the posters that are all over town." "Wait., hold up there bro. One, he does'nt know? two, what posters?" "Shane is like out of town somewhere, don't know fucking where, and someone posted all these posters all through downtown that say 'Anastasaia kissed Theresa!' " "Ah. I see." was all Zac said. After a while they got off the subject and started talking about Theresa. Zac laughed at the remark Taylor had just said about her. "I think she's actually okay. She seems real out going and all." "You would. Yeah, but shes really just a little pussy. At Shanes party, she had like one little sip of beer, and she was all freaking out about how bad it was. She made this whole big scene. It was a classic." Taylor said laughing as he remembered that day. He plopped his feet on the woodan coffee table and looked at Zac. "You don't like her do you? " Taylor asked, rising a eyebrow. Zac shook his head. "Nah. All I'm saying that she's okay. Nothing really specal though. You know, I think she likes you. She is always flirting with you! it's really kind of pathetic." "Don't you think I fucking know that! " Taylor said, he ran a hand through his hair. " She drives me insane. She 's always like giving me these little looks whenever I pass her anywhere. She 's really very annoying." "Maybe you should give her what she wants. Just so she will go away and leave you alone." "Am i really that bad?" Taylor laughed. "It might be fun you know? kind of like in that- What was that movie called? Cruel Intentions? that the guy seduces that virgin girl to have sex, them dumps her. " "And what your saying is?" Taylor questioned, confused. "You should fuck her. " Taylor shook his head. "No way. She's not THAT hot." "Oh come on, why not? it would be a change of pace. A new thing." "What do you mean?" Taylor asked, slightly irritated. "Tay, you never have sex. Don't deny it. It's not good for you, man! Theresa is the perfect victim." "LIke you ever have sex?" Taylor reported. "More then you." Taylor did'nt have anything to say to that. "What do you say?" He asked. "What's in this for you?" Taylor asked. This was wierd. Zac should'nt care so much about this. What was Taylor missing? "Nothing. Absolotly nothing." _________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

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