Chapter Eleven

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 'Shane! wake up! someones at the door for you! it's Crystal I'm sending her up!" Shane groaned and pulled the blanket over his head. He was so tired. He had been up all night last night. He wanted to SLEEP. He laid awake though. It was'nt long before he heard Crystal's footsteps on the stairs. He groaned again and pulled a pillow over his head. Crystal knocked on his door. "Shane?" He did'nt answer. "Shane? please, can I come in?" I think we should talk about what happened last night." There was a moument of silence before Shane said, "I don't know what your talking about,Crystal." "Yes you do , Shane. Can I come in?" Shane grunted, and Crystal took that as a yes. She walked in and stood beside his bed. Shane took the pillow from his head and gave her a bored look. "So ,you wanted to talk about something? " Crystal sat down the bed and too a deep breath. "I'm sorry Shane. " He snorted. "For what? " "For not blowing you. I was just- Shane cut her off. "It's cool. You don't have to apologize." Crystal looked at him surprized. He shrugged. Okay....Um..." She looked embaarresed. "Im glad because I thought I might have emmberassed you, you know? We've been to gether for so long, and I won't go far. You must get bored." Shane got out of bed and shrugged. He walked over to his dresser, to try to find something to wear. "Actually, I think I was the one who was acting like a ass. Not you. I can't blame you." Crystal smirked. "Maybe just a bit." Shane turned towards her and lifted a eyebrow. "Nice Boxers. A little tight though" Crystal said, staring at his tight Calvin Klien White boxers. "I only wear these to bed." "No, I think they are cute." Now it was her turn to smirk She was going to make up for before. She said nothing as She went over to the door and locked it. Shane watched her with interest. "What are you doing?" He asked. She smiled and walked over to him. She had this really bazzare look on her face as she came toward him. "Crystal?" She walked up to him so close he had to back into the wall. Crystal stared into his lcy blue eyes. It was like something unfolded inside her. Something came out. Something was uncovered. She wanted him. Now. They leaned in together, in perfect unison, and kissed. Shane took her head in his hands as they continued kissing. But Crystal wanted more. With them still kissing, she slowly ran her cold hands down his abs. Her cold hands caused his musules to slightly tighten .This exited Crystal. While Shane was un-clasping her bra her hands slowly traveled down his stomach. When he reached his groin area she did'nt stop. She pulled down his boxers half way. Shane was surprized. She usually insisted on stopping before it went this far. As Crystal started rubbing his dick she seemed unsure. Shane put his hands over hers and taught her how to rub in fast, sharp motions. Soon she was going at it pretty good. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~About two weeks later~ Things were going well with Taylor and Becky. Of course, they always did. Crystal and Shane were doing okay. They fought like anyone, but they loved eachother. Crystal and Shane had something special. That's what everyone said at least. Andie and Zac? There was something thing going on with them. But they were going on strong. Kalie was slowly getting over Zac. Slowly. Painfully, in her mind. Other then that, everything was the same as always. I guess. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "I can't believe school is gonna start in only a little under a month. I hate it when you feel like you have wasted your entire summer doing shit." "You feel like you have wasted your entire summer?" Zac asked, looking at Andie. "Yeah. I guess so." Andie replied, thoughtfully chewing on a strand of her blond hair. " I mean, I swear, every summers the same! I do the same boring things every summer! I just wish something would happen to make it all worthwhile. I wish i could take a vacation. I need it." Zac nodded. "I see what your saying. " Andie and Zac were in Jack in the box. It was a really hot day and Andie had suggested that they go to something "different". But so far it was useless. There is nothing to do in Tulsa. Period. After a while they left Mcdonalds and headed towards the community center. They were so bored that they had to resort to that. They entered the community center, bored, hot and irritated at themselves. "Look, why don't we play basketball? It might be fun" Zac suggested, pointing to the basketball court in the other room. Andie looked at him like he was nuts. "Like duh, it is way to hot to play basketball. I'll die . I'll sweat untill my heart pops out and my lungs burst." "Okay..." Zac said "we'll do something else" ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "What? your having another party? you just had one like a couple weeks ago, and lets just say in still scarred from the expereiance." Theresa said in to the phone. "You can never have to many parties! But it's my birthday, so I thought I'd throw a rave type thing this time. " "What do you know about a Rave Shane??" THeresa asked. "Enough to have one." He replied. "Oh. Is it gonna be chaperoned? " She asked. "Hell no, girl!" "Cool. Well Ill be there" "Tight. Bring some friends." "You are so lucky Shane. Your gramdma trusts you so much. I wish my parents were like that" "Yeah.So are you going to be there? " "Sure thing Shane, when is it??" "Tonight" "Tonight!" "Yeah. Can you bring your freinds? " "Who? " "You know, Becky, Anastasia, Who ever else you know." "Sure. But invite Becky yourself k? " "Sure, see you there." And with that, they hung up. Not knowing what would happen would change everyboys lives. For the worst. Or just maybe for the more interesting. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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