Chapter Twelve

Everyone was at Shane's party now. Everyone was either drunk, high or throwing up. It was Shane's birthday though. He was turning 16. It was a wild one lets just say. First Taylor, Becky, Theresa, Anastasia, Crystal, Zac and Andie had came. Then slowly everyone else had arrived. Matt. Suzi. Bracken. Others. THere was maybe about 100 people there by 7.00. Everyone thought this party was going to be like every other one. Fun. Maybe a little strange. No. They were all mistaken. It was going to be like something they had never seen before. Something really, really wierd. __________________________________________________________________________________________ "I don't know.... Theresa said. Theresa, Shane, Anastasia, Crystal, Taylor and Becky were all in Shane's room. Shane had just offered Theresa a beer. Theresa looked at Anastasia in hesitation. "Why not Thurd?! it should be fun! just take a small sip!" Anastasia begged, taking a sip of hers. Theresa was hesitant. She had never drank before. She had always thought it was wrong. "Well." "Come on Theresa. Make up your mind " Taylor said. He was sick of this. She was so goody- goody. It made him sick. "Well.....okay." she said, taking the beer from Shane. When her hand brushed his she smiled. He looked at her strangely. Crystal saw it and disided to let it go. After all, Shane was her's. She shouldn't worry. They all watched as she took a small sip. "That's my girl!" Anastasia bellowed. Everyone watched as Theresa took her first sip. She made a horrible face and swallowed quickly. "This tastes like horse crap!" She exclaimed. Crystal buried her face in Shane's shoulder to muffle her laughter. Becky didn't even try to hide it. She started laughing. Taylor and Shane just sighed as if saying "God, she's so lame". Theresa turned red when she noticed everyone was staring at her. "Well it does!" She said. "You'll get used to it." Shane said. __________________________________________________________________________________________ "Zac! what are you doing!?" Andie exclaimed. Zac had went over to the keg and was fishing out a couple beers. "What do you mean, what am I doing?" he asked, looking at her confused. " I'm getting a couple drinks." "Why are you pouring beer? you know we don't drink" She said, putting her hands on her hips. Zac sighed. ~Yeah right girl . Shows how much you know about me.~ He thought. "Well.Um. Yeah, but why don't you try it? It's really not that bad." He held out a cup to her. She shook her head. "No. That shit is bogus. Why don't we go dance?" She suggested, trying to get him off the subject of drinking. "Okay , sure " Zac agreed.Always ready to do anything that related to grinding. He reluctantly put down his beer and headed over to the dance floor with her. __________________________________________________________________________________________ " No way Stasha! your damn fucking kidding!" Theresa cried, slapping Anastasia on the shoulder. Anastasia hollowed with laughter. "It's true! I swear!!!" They burst out laughing again. Everyone was in awe. Taylor chuckled. "This is hilarious! look how drunk they are! I never thought I would see anyone get that drunk on only four beers." He said. "Me either" Becky agreed. Everyone but Theresa and Anastasia were seated on Shane's bed. They all looked over at them, who were now crawling around on the floor seemingly pretending to be some sort of animal. "You know....we could have some fun with this" Becky said, smiling a wierd smile. "we could dare- "No way beck! don't think about it! I know that smile! It's trouble." Crystal said. " I know how much you hate them." She trailed off. "Oh chill out,Cat. " Becky said."Don't be such a worry wort." she started laughing then stopped when Taylor asked, "Are you suggesting we play truth or dare?" Becky smiled. " That is precisely what I'm saying ,Taybaby " She replied. "God, not agian. I feel like I'm back in 5th grade." Taylor mummbled. __________________________________________________________________________________________ "Truth or dare, Theresa " Taylor asked. Theresa looked at him slightly confused. "Huh?" "Were playing truth or dare remember?" "Oh yeah, dare I guess." "Alright." Taylor thought a moument. He looked at Becky. Becky kissed her hand. Taylor got it. "Kiss Shane, or something." Taylor was already gettting bored . Crystal looked alarmed. "Hey wait! I don't like that! pick a another one." "Fine. Um.." "Taylor! cough it up!" Anastasia demanded. "Well, why don't you give her a dare then!" Taylor snapped. " Fine. I will. Um,Theresa? Kiss Taylor." Taylor looked surprized. "Huh??" He looked at Becky. She shrugged. "Go on' Anastasia said to Theresa. Theresa got up, a little un-steady, and walked over to Taylor. Taylor sighed, but stood up. "Hey Tay." Theresa said. "Lets just get this over with." Taylor said, leaning in to kiss her.Just as their lips touched, Theresa started laughing. Becky started cracking up. Everyone else just sighed. Taylor threw this hands up and cried, "What was that for!' Theresa was laughing to hard to answer. They tried again but the same thing happened, so they sat down again. "This game in lame" Shane said "Why don't we go out and dance?" Everyone agreed but Theresa and Anastasia, who said they were going to stay. ______________________________________________________________________________________ "Do you want me to put on some music? " Anastasia asked. She walked over to the CD player. "These people have everything! Marilyn manson, Some band called The Moffatts, Filter, Godsmack, Britney Spears, Crazy Town, Aerosmith." "Um...put on something loud! I want to dance!"She started jumping up and down on the bed. Anastasia laughed and put on The Moffatts.(her fave band) They both started jumping on the bed together. ...IF LIFE is SO SHORT, WHY WON'T YOU LET ME LOVE YOU ,BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF TIME? IF LOVE IS SO STRONG, WHY WON'T YOU TAKE THE CHANCE BEFORE OUR TIME HAS GONE...IF LIFE IS SO SHORT...IF LIFE IS SO SHORRRRTTT-" As they listened to that song, something weird happened between them. A connection A feeling. Maybe it was just because they were drunk. Maybe it had been there all along. But something sparked between them. __________________________________________________________________________________________ They both lay face up on the bed. The music playing softly in the back ground. It was about two hours later, and they were still in Shane's room. They were not a drunk as before. But they were still drunk, just not as much, They were past that hyper stage. Now they just felt slightly sick. "Theresa? Can i ask you something?" Anastasia asked, turning her head towards her. "Sure" Theresa said, looking at her . "Um...Well...Have you ever had a really big crush on someone? you know, like it was so big that you coud'nt tell anyone ?" Theresa slowly nodded. "Yeah, I guess so .." she shook her head. " No not really." "What I really in mean is that, there is this one person have had a crush on for a long time. I love this person so much it hurts. This person is so beautiful .I think that I could live my whole life with this person you know? like I feel like I'll burst if I don't have this person. I want this person really bad, and I still want to really tell this person how I feel. You think I should?" She asked. "Sure. Why not? if you feel it's the right thing then go for it. It seems inportant." Theresa said. Anastasia looked into her eyes. Theresa started back. For some reason this felt right. This didn't feel wrong. They scooted in closer to eachother. "Well..." Anastasia mumbled. "Who is it?" She asked. Anastasia bit her lip. "It's you" Theresa looked only slightly surprized. Anastasia leaned in and, hesitating only a second, pressed her lips to hers. Theresa quickly pulled away. "Oh my god." She mumbled. "It's okay" Anastasia whispered " It's okay. Please kiss me. I have waited so long for this. " She leaned in again and they kissed. They lay there, tasting the taste of eachothers lips. Enjoying the strangeness of something never explored before.Something opened inside Theresa. Some unknown feelings. Right then, the door opened. Theresa and Anastasia quickly pulled away. Theresa quickly thought of a cover up. She loudly yelled, "Anastasia! what in the fuck are you doing?" But not fast enough. Taylor and Becky stood there.They had seen it. They could'nt believe what they saw. "Oh. My. God. " Becky whispered. Taylor was silent. All he did was gawk. Theresa jumped from the bed and ran to them. "Oh thank go your here!" she said. "you wouldn't belive what Anastasia just tried to do! She tried to kiss me! that bitch! " Becky looked at Theresa, trying to diside wither to believe her or not. Anastasia looked at Theresa with amazement in her eyes.How could she do this to her? Theresa avoided her stare, focusing her eyes on Becky. Becky finally spoke."Um. Shit. Sorry to interupt. " "Well, why don't you try explaining to us what is going on here?" Taylor said. _____________________________________________________________________________________